Sweden: Blodcancerförbundet


Box 1386
172 27 Sundbyberg

Visitor address:
Sturegatan 4, 5 tr
172 27 Sundbyberg

Telefontid: mån-tor 9.00-12.00
Telefon kansliet: 08-546 40 540
Fax: 08-546 40 549

Tel: 0046-346-15444 (office) 0046-511-66990
Our website: www.blodcancerforbundet.se


The organisation was founded 1982 by patients and doctors. We represent all kind of bloodcancerdiseases: Myeloma, Lymphoma and leukaemia. Blodcancerförbundet reprentants both patients and relatives. Totally we are 3500 members around Sweden. We are an ideell organisation and we got some economic support from the state.

Bloodcancerförbundet has a fund called Bloodcancerfonden and that fund support research and educations for doctors and nurses within haematology.

All members got our newspaper Haeama 4 times a year.

Our informations publications about different kind of bloodcancerdiseases are a support in the contact between patients and their relatives.

Blodcancerförbundet has 15 regional associations around Sweden. They make local activities in hospitals and have some meetings and excursions for the members.

Blodcancerförbundet has a nationell psycosocial network called Skapa Kraft (Create Strength). In this network you can meet or talk with another patient who has got the same diagnosis as you have got. We can also give the offer to the relatives.