TFR 4 CML patients survey

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TFR 4 CML Patients Survey

The CML Advocates Network is launching the online global survey “TFR 4 CML Patients” to measure the viewpoints, needs and experiences of CML patients that are considering or have already started Treatment Free Remission (TFR).

The findings of the survey will help us to better understand what the concerns, challenges and motivations are during the decision phase, the first probation phase after stopping, and when attempting TFR has either worked or failed.

The content of the survey has been created by the CML Advocates Network with the collaboration of a group of several CML patient advocates with specific expertise and experience in TFR, and it is made available in seven languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Finnish and Hebrew.


Be a part of this project & participate in the TFR 4 CML patients survey!

If you are a CML patient and you are considering stopping your treatment or you are actually in treatment-free remission, we invite you to take part in our TFR 4 CML PATIENTS Survey. This anonymous survey will take you approx. 20 minutes and your responses will be absolutely confidential.

The survey will be open for completion for patients of the global CML community until June 2018, and the results will be professionally analysed in order to obtain patient-based evidence about TFR that will support both patient and doctors.


Let's join forces to circulate the TFR 4 CML PATIENTS Survey to CML patients...

The CML Advocates Network calls upon our 116 patient organisation members, other partners and stakeholders as well as the global CML community to circulate the survey to make sure that as many CML patients from different regions as possible contribute to this important piece of research.

TFR Social Media Logo 1080x1080pxThis is how you can help the community to distribute the survey:

  • Publish the banner and link the TFR 4 CML PATIENTS Survey on your website and promote it within your patient community
  • Contact your collaborators, HCPs and media in your country - please send them information about the TFR 4 CML PATIENTS Survey and ask them to contribute.
  • Promote the survey link on your Social Media channels using the hashtag #TFR4CML

With your support and collaboration, we will better understand the real needs, concerns and challenges of patients that want to achieve a treatment free remission.

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