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Call for Abstracts CML Horizons 2021 - Virtual


With COVID-19 having such a profound impact across the world, this year CML Horizons have dedicated a session on this subject, to be held on Friday 22nd October during: Medical Session #1 – titled; Covid 19 impact on CML & Patient groups.

The presentations should describe how COVID-19 has Impacted your patient organization, the particular challenge(s) that was faced and how your organisation solved them. Other CML patient organisations could learn from your case study and may inspired to do something similar. You should also share what went right and potentially what went wrong and what you would do differently next time. The presentations should NOT be about your organisation as such.

NEW DEADLINE: Participants are now invited to submit Abstracts for this session until 1st October 2021. The CML Abstract Committee will then review all Abstracts and select those that will be presented during the session.

What is the format of the session? How am I expected to present?

Impact on patient organisations case studies will consists of 3 short (maximum 15 minutes, maximum 12 slides) presentations covering a case study as described above. Each of the presentations will be followed by 5 minutes Q&A. The presentations should not be about the organisation but about particular challenge on how COVID-19 has impacted your organisation and how you solved this. 

How can I submit an Abstract?

Participants who would like to present in Medical Session #1 – titled; Covid 19 impact on CML & Patient groups are invited to submit a short abstract using the form below. Once you have completed the form, please send it to Lidija Pecova at:

Download the CMLHZ21 Abstract Application Form.

What happens after I have submitted the Abstract?

The CML Horizons Scientific Committee will review the Abstracts and select which ones will be presented during the Medical Session #1 – titled; Covid 19 impact on CML & Patient groups. If your Abstract is not selected, please feel encouraged to send us a digital poster to display in the virtual poster room. Please, visit our "Call for Posters" webpage for more information.

Participants will be contacted shortly after the 20th September, to give you enough time to prepare your presentation and to book you in to pre-record your presentation.  Please note the number of slides should not exceed 12 slides.

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