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Poland is a member of the European Union. A Schengen-visa is required to enter the country.

Though we are doing our best to accelerate the approval of all visa, please do;

  1. not wait any longer and start applying for your visa NOW (all in all, obtaining a visa for Poland can take up to 90 days).
  2. make sure that you have valid travel documents!

In this PDF documentyou will find helpful advice and tips to guide you all the way through the visa application process. Please read the document carefully!

On the official website of the you will find all relevant information on the requirement of a visa. The website answers important questions such as:

-        Do I need a visa to enter Poland

-        How to apply for a visa?

-        Where do I find visa application forms and where do I apply?


Please remember that most of your questions can be answered at the Polish Embassy in your country or another Embassy that represents Poland. 

We wish you well with your visa-application! If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact Lidija from our management team via email


Thank you.

Giora, Jan & Lidija

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