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Arrival and departure dates and times

Arrival date: Thursday 16th May or Friday 17th May 2019

  • The official opening session will open at 09:00, to be on time for this session, your flight should arrive in Nairobi the latest by 06:30.
  • Traveling from the airport to the hotel will take you at least 50 minutes, depending on traffic. A shuttle service from the Airport to the hotel will be arranged (see below for details).

Departure date: Sunday, 19th May 2019

  • Flights should not depart earlier than 16:30; in case you like to participate in the City Tour, then the flights should not depart before 21:00h


Please make sure that you have valid travel documents, please visit our page that explains Visas in detail 

Travel of patient advocates

Regular advocates and Pharma sponsors are expected to book and cover their own travel to Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International airport (e.g. flights).

A limited number of travel grants (scholarships) are available for some advocates who are unable to fund their own travel and the conference fee (see section on scholarships)

Transport from the airport to the conference venue will be provided for free.

After registration, please provide Vanja Muratovic from our logistics agency "Balkan-Adriatic " at email  with your travel details so we can arrange your local transport and accommodation accordingly. These details should be provided no later than 1 month before the meeting, or by April 17, 2019. 

Travel of Steering Committee members, receivers of scholarships, and speakers

We will book flights for Steering Committee members, those receiving a travel grant from us, and speakers. Please do not book your own travel in these cases. Please indicate your preferences for departure day and time, which airport, an airline, etc. in the respective fields of the registration form. Also, provide your preferred return day and time. The travel agency will try to book your flights according to your preferences, taking also into account costs as our non-profit organization has a very limited budget. Please do this as soon as possible - as it is important we get the best available rates as soon as possible - they increase every day closer to the conference.

Here are the contact details for All Tours travel agency:
Phone Office: +972 4867 0670 .
For emergencies: Avigail's mobile number +972 504 265 880 or Nimrod's Mobile: +972 504 265 878

For any of your travel queries please copy Giora Sharf at   

Travel of sponsors representatives 

Be aware that even though you need to book your own flights, we need your registration with flight details to be able to book your hotel room and arrange your transfers from the airport to the hotel and back.  


Except for Yellow fever which is explained below, Kenya does not require vaccinations from travelers from most of the world. However, in many countries, there is a traveler clinic where you can check what type of Vaccines they advise as a precaution before traveling to Kenya. Giora visited Nairobi recently to inspect the hotels and received 4 vaccines without any issue. For further information, we suggest you speak with your doctor.
Yellow Fever Vaccine, special note: This is required only for visitors from selected countries where Yellow Fever is of high risk and you will find them listed below. However please note that CML patients from these countries cannot receive this vaccine and they will need an exemption letter from their Doctor. See this link for all information about vaccines:  

Important Notes

Some of you may have some concerns about the location and what is required in regards to vaccines and visas. Nairobi has hosted thousands of visitors from over 180 countries from all over the world including many influential leaders. Kenya has more than 1 Million tourists visits each year and was declared as a top destination for 2018 by travel firms. Nairobi is currently hosting the Blue Economy Conference alongside Canada and France and the hotels in Nairobi including our conference hotel - The Crown Plaza, are distinguished modern Western Hotels with very high standards.  


Please contact Lidija Pecova   Tel: +389 7838 8235,  or Giora Sharf should you need assistance or see challenges in attending CML Horizons.


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