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VISA Information for Costa Rica

To visit Costa Rica, some countries need a visa and you can check this by clicking on the link below to access the excel document listing all the countries. The document has 5 tabs at the bottom that lists the different groups and types of visas you may need to apply for. Please read this document carefully:

Costa Rica Visa

You can find a list of Costa Rican consulates or embassies in the following link:

Please register as soon as possible so you can start your visa process immediately. If you are from a country that needs a visa please contact Lidija for your supporting documents. Also please take note if your country is not listed in the below list of Costa Rican Consulates and Embassies and you cannot get to a neighboring country you will also need to make contact with Lidija at and she will assist you with your application.

Please make sure that you have valid travel documents with at least 6 months till the end of your passport expiry date and if you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us.






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