Macedonia: Association for help in treatment of patients with CML

Contact address:

St.Vasil Gorgov no.20/24
North Macedonia 1000
North Macedonia

Telephone: +38970268423


Facebook: Pepo Levi

Key contacts:

Pepo Levi - President
Phone: +38970268423

Brief description of organization:

Our organization “Association for the help of the patients with CML” in the Republic of Macedonia is established on 22th of March 2007.

The primary aim of our Association is to care for the patients with CML, also to put Glivec on the reimbursement list of drugs covered by the Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia.

After many press conferences, public appearances, and TV debates – we succeeded in our fight. On the 27th of April 2011, the Steering Committee of HIF in Macedonia announced the decision, Glivec will be reimbursed and available for all CML patients in Macedonia.

In 2018. We also managed to provide Nilotinib as regular therapy for about 20 patients.

2020, our Hematology Clinic also procured dasatinib and provided Ponatinib as a donation for one patient.


CML patients

Ways of communication with constituency

Mobile and email.

Organizational objectives and key programs:

Our organizational objectives are:

  • Patient care.
  • Availability of drugs.
  • Putting drugs on the Reimbursing list.
  • Availability of PCR tests.
  • Availability of information about CML.

Our key programs are:

  • Availability of drugs.
  • Putting drugs on the Reimbursing list.
  • Organizing Meetings of doctors and patients.
  • Providing PCR tests.
  • Availability of information about the disease.

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