How does the CML-CAB work?



CML-CAB meetings, are community-run advisory boards where the patient community decides on the topics of highest relevance and impact for the patient community. External stakeholders attending the CAB meeting can make suggestions for agenda points, but the final decision on the agenda rests with the CML-CAB chairs who decide in the interest of the community.

Participants of the CML-CAB meetings have the opportunity of a two-way dialogue discussing key topics in CML between key leading advocates of the patient community and external stakeholders. In each CML-CAB follow-up actions are identified. Follow-up of agreed action items is ensured through our “Actions Tracker” system where progress on action items is regularly monitored and documented. The outcome is reflected in a CML-CAB “Progress Card” that is presented at the following CML-CAB and shows CML-CAB´s assessment of progress since the last CML-CAB, companies´ involvement with the CML-CAB, and how we feel the CML-CAB advice was acted upon. 

Click here to see an example for a blank CML-CAB “Progress Card”.

CML-CAB operates under confidentiality, which is of paramount importance for the smooth and efficient functioning of CML-CAB. CML-CAB is a platform to discuss issues of highest relevance to both the patient community as well as the company in a two-way dialogue. Signing a Confidentiality Agreement is therefore a prerequisite for CML-CAB members´ participation.



Click here to see the  pdf CMLCAB Infographic (702 KB)  in detail.


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