European Society of Medical Oncology Congress, Barcelona, 2019

28 Sep 2019 - 11:09


From 27th September to 1st October, the European Society for Medical Oncology Congress takes place in Barcelona.

The ESMO Congress is the appointment in Europe for clinicians, researchers, patient advocates, journalists and the pharmaceutical industry from all over the world to get together, learn about the latest advances in oncology and translate science into better cancer patient care.

Approximately 30.000 oncology professionals from all around the world will be able to do more for their patients.

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Given the Congress updates on all types of cancer, CML has just a very limited presence on the program without specific CML sessions and just some interesting posters about Chronic Myeloid Leukemia.

However, the Patient Advocacy Track, once a year again, is a very important meeting to network with many other patient advocates worldwide as well as to keep on learning, sharing and growing on behalf of the CML global community.

The Patient Advocacy Track Program at ESMO 2019 includes the following topics:


– Friday, 27th September –

Esmo 1“Placing the patient at the center of care”

  • Integrated oncology and palliative care from time of diagnosis: The PASYKAF model.
  • Putting the patient in the center: Measuring outcomes.
  • Patient center care plan: The best care for every patient
  • Educating the oncologists and health professionals on compassionate care: Care with dignity.
  • Caregivers perspective: When oncology and palliative care are fully integrated from time of diagnosis.
  • Conclusions and Q&A.

Esmo 2“Drugs in combination”

  • Welcome and introduction.
  • When it takes more than one drug to survive: The myeloma experience.
  • How to evaluate drugs in combination: A regulatory perspective.
  • Establishing cost-effectiveness in combinations.
  • And who is going to pay for it all? A payer’s perspective.
  • Conclusion.

– Saturday, 28th September –

Esmo3“Common but still rare: What happens when common cancers split into subgroups?”

  • When common cancers become rare- the lung cancer experience.
  • The Ros1ders: An advocacy experience.
  • How to deal with diversity early on: Personalised early clinical trials
  • What common cancer advocates can learn from the rare cancer community.
  • Panel Discussion.
  • Conclusions.

Esmo 4“Fertility and pregnancy of cancer patients during and after treatment”

  • Setting the scene: The patient perspective.
  • Fertility preservation (what should be done when diagnosed at childbearing age).
  • Pregnancy after cancer.
  • What are my options after diagnosis?
  • Discussion

– Sunday, 29th September –

Esmo5 low“Organ-specific immunity and cancer”

  • Immune therapies: Introduction to the session.
  • Metastasis to the brain (clinical perspective I).
  • The patient perspective on the topic.
  • Host tissue determinants of tumour immunity.
  • Tissue-specific immune memory: The role of tissue-resident T-cells in cancer.
  • Panel Discussion- promising future strategies.

“How can we better support cancer patients suffering from fatigue?”

  • Introduction.
  • Making fatigue visible: Results of the Lymphoma Coalition 2018 survey.
  • Measuring cancer related fatigues: The EORTC QLQ-FA12 and other fatigue assessment instruments.
  • Tackling the many factors that contribute to fatigue.
  • Is more research needed to support the integration of exercise into the standard health basket for cancer care?.
  • Round table discussion and conclusions.

– Monday, 30th September –

“The Hans Keulen Memorial Debate”

  • How far would you go in your treatment?


During the ESMO19 Congress, the cancer patient advocacy community is sharing the information online through social media. To follow the conversation, activities and be updated on what is happening live at the European Congress, follow our Twitter account @cmlnet with the hashtag #ESMO19.

For more information about the meeting, please, visit the ESMO website.

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