CML Atlas East Europe

Dec 2, 2020

CML Atlas East Europe is the final product of East Europe and West Asia regional project run by CML Advocates Network from 1st December 2019 to 31st March 2020.

The activity started with a regional survey reaching our Eastern European patient members addressing a sample of respondents of CML advocates and CML doctors based in 19 countries from the Central and Eastern EU region.

An online questionnaire was created by using cloud-based online survey development software to collect data on general information about CML, availability of TKIs, availability of PCR, running clinical trials and treatment-free remission data.

Results of this collection have been published on a website where we can navigate through the menu section and be informed about key topics and issues in the different countries.

Visit the CML Atlas East Europe Website 3

Selecting any of the different menu options, we can access the information and the following data:

Atlas 3

General information about chronic myeloid leukemia.

Number of CML patients, number of CML organisations in each country, number of hospitals treating chronic myeloid leukemia, number of treating hematologists, hospital registries and/or national registries, etc.

Availability of medicines.

List of available drugs, their different coverage and percentage of patients with access to each treatment.

Atlas 4

Cost of drugs

Comparison of drugs’ prices including coverage and donations.

Availability of prices

Prices and availability of PCR in the countries including access levels and co-payments.

Treatment-free remission status

The situation of TFR.

Clinical trials

Basic information on the ongoing clinical trials in all countries in the region.

Download the  pdf CML Atlas East Europe Brochure (3.97 MB)  

Watch the CML Atlas East Europe presentation at the CML Horizons 2020 Virtual Conference by Jelena Čugurović, from minute 55:

Please, feel free to use these data to advocate on a local, regional and global level, comparing data with other countries/regions and comparing data with other networks. Any further use of the data needs to be done with the permission of the CML Advocates Network and referenced to the project of the Network.

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