CML Horizons 2021 Virtual Conference Information

Jul 4, 2022

CML Horizons 2020: Learn. Share. Grow.
22 – 24 October 2021, Virtual Conference

CML Advocates Network (CML AN) initially planned to hold the 19th International CML Horizons 2021 as a Hybrid event from 22nd to 24th October of 2021 in Netanya, Israel, however, in light of the ever-evolving and unpredictability of COVID-19 and the various variants that are now posing a health risk globally, the Steering Committee decided to move to a fully virtual event for 2021 and keeping the same dates.

2021 CML Horizons virtual event attracted high interest with close to 300 registrations from 74 countries from all corners of the world. The 19th Conference Programme consisted of 3 half days with 150 daily participants and from the daily feedback we were receiving from our members it showed that once again this virtual event was immensely successful.

Watch videos of all sessions on demand

The meeting doesn’t just give us simply medicinal understanding and advocacy training- we feel that consistently, the meeting has developed a phenomenal network crossing oceans and seas and reaching all continents around the globe to improve the life of patients and enable new and existing patient groups and has transformed into a unique multi-cultural family.

welcome low

Even though we were not able to meet in person this year, the uniqueness of the CML Community that CML Advocates Network created, was still felt and connected us from all corners of the globe. We hope that next year we may get back to some normality and of course, we will continue with our established success of Horizons and be able to see you in person.

CML Horizons is a wholly community-run and multi-sponsored conference, which has evolved from the “New Horizons” conferences 2002-2011. The annual conference is run by the CML Advocates Network, hosted by the non-profit, Swiss-based and patient-driven “Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation”.

– Regional Sessions –

Regional web1

As in the past years this year our members came together outside of the Programme to attend the virtual regional sessions, where we were able to continue sharing ideas, exchange information on how COVID-19 has impacted each region, how they can work together to enhance their organisations and how CMLAN can help our members grow and engage with us so that together we can strengthen each region.

Our invitation to feature a digital poster in the special “Poster Room” on the CML Horizons Platform was popular 21 advocates showcased their Organisations’ activities.

Take a look at CML Horizons 2021 Posters in more detail: CML Horizons 2021 Conference Posters (31.31 MB)

– Networking Lounge –

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One of the key areas of our face-to-face Horizons is of course the opportunity to network across borders where our members can share best practices, interact, and exchange ideas. This year we all could feel the need to continue with this and we connected at the end of Friday and Saturday at our special networking lounge on the CML Horizons hosted by our Management team Denis Costello, Lidija Pecova and Celia Marin with approx. 35 members connected each time.

– Presentations and Videostreams available now –

Please take note that the speakers have authorized CML Advocates Network to disburse the presentations in PDF format only on this site, however, it isn’t permitted to transfer the PDF files elsewhere! If you would like to share the slides, kindly do this by connecting to this page or the documents on this site!

To view all the presentations just Click on “PDF”. Should you wish to translate the selected presentation, please contact us by email at the following and request the PowerPoint file. This will make it easier for you to translate the presentation into the language of your choice.

To view individual sessions, click on “Video Webstream” below or watch the following.


CML 101
Jerry Clements – PDF – Video Webstream

Opening Video Webstream

  • Welcome – Šarūnas Narbutas.
  • Opening & update – Denis Costello.
  • Minute of silence.

Medical Session #1 Covid 19 impact on CML & Patient groups

  • The pandemic’s impact on CML (treatment access, care & Vaccines) – Katia Pagnano –  PDF (7.81 MB)  – Video Webstream
  • Impact on patient organisations case studies –


    • Case study 1: Online seminar series “Knowledge horizons – current perspectives on living with CML” (LeukaNET e.V., Germany) – Cornelia Borowczak –  PDF (6.45 MB) – Video Webstream
    • Case study 2: “Managing our CML during the times of COVID-19” (Friends of Max, India) – Aashray Paul –   PDF (6.97 MB)  – Video Webstream
    • Case Study 3: COVID-19 Affects Comprehensive CML Care in Northeast Colombia (Fundación Esperanza Viva) -Nury Esperanza Villalba Suárez, presented by Oscar Alberti – PDF (1.32 MB)  – Video Webstream

Q & A

Medical #2: The future of CML

  • Update on asciminib (access, etc) – Andreas Hochhaus – Video Webstream
  • Other new drugs & New clinical trials? -Tim Hughes –  PDF (723 KB)  – Video Webstream
  • TFR: still a good option for patients? (incl 2nd TFR) – Kendra Sweet – PDF (2.19 MB)  – Video Webstream

Q & A


Advocacy #1 CML Advocates Network activities over 2020- 2021

  • CML Community Advisory Board update – Jan Geissler –  PDF (3.62 MB)  – Video Webstream
  • Regional Projects 


    • Africa & Middle East – Cathy Scheepers –  PDF (982 KB) – Video Webstream
    • Latin America – Felipe Tapia – PDF (1.78 MB)  – Video Webstream
  • World CML Day -Celia Marín – PDF (18.46 MB)  – Video Webstream
  • CML Registry App – Šarūnas Narbutas – PDF (639 KB)  – Video Webstream
  • What’s planned for 2022 – Denis Costello – PDF (1.33 MB) – Video Webstream

Q & A

Advocacy Session #2 Panel Discussion including Q&A – Challenges faced by CML patients Video Webstream

Moderated by Lisa Machado
Panelists: Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, Rod Padua, Fernando Piotrowski, Jelena Cugurovic, Eunice Orekha

  • Introduction: By Lisa Machado with a summary of the questionnaire about challenges
  • Live to open interaction session


Medical #3: Optimisation of CML

  • Treatment optimization (resistance & Intolerance guideline) – Andreas Hochhaus – Video Webstream
  • Pediatric – Frédéric Millott – PDF – Video Webstream
  • Age adjusted treatments choices and guidelines – Pia Raanani – PDF (31.86 MB)  – Video Webstream

Q & A

Regional update Presentation of new SC members Video Webstream

  • Western Europe – Felice Bombaci
  • Eastern Europe – Šarūnas Narbutas
  • Latin America – José Castro
  • Asia and Pacific – Rod Padua
  • Middle East and Africa – Eunice Orekha
  • North America – Lisa Machado

Advocacy #3: Innovation

  • Mind & Body and Hematological diseases – Shirley Shapira –  PDF (2.23 MB) – Video Webstream
  • Innovative campaign: „Why we want the right to be forgotten to avoid financial discrimination “ -Šarūnas Narbutas –   PDF (11.61 MB)  – Video Webstream
  • Innovative new ways of fundraising (Crowd Funding) – Osnat Dvorkin – PDF (1.67 MB)  – Video Webstream

Q & A

Best poster award, closing and farewell
Giora Sharf – Video Webstream

– CML Steering Committee –

The Programme was governed by a global steering committee consisting of CML patient advocates from North America, Latin America, Asia and Pacific, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe & West Asia, Middle East and Africa. Thank you so much to all of you for your fantastic work to contribute to very successful CML Horizons 2021!

  • Felice Bombaci (Co-chairman of the CML Advocates Network, Chairman of the Gruppo AIL Pazienti Leucemia Mieloide Cronica, Italy. Region Western Europe Representative)
  • Sarunas Narbutas (Co-chairman of the CML Advocates Network,Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition (POLA). Region Central and Eastern Europe & West Asia Representative)
  • Jana Peluchiva (Co-founder if the CML Advocates Network,President of Diagnoza Leukemie, Czech Republic)
  • Giora Sharf (Co-founder of the CML Advocates Network,Director of Flute of Light, Israel)
  • Jan Geissler (Co-founder of the CML Advocates Network,Chair of LeukaNET, Germany, )
  • Lisa Machado (Treasurer of the CML Advocates Netvwork, Canadian CML Network Executive Director, Canada. Region North America Representative)
  • Bahija Gouimi (President of the Association AMAL, Morocco,Region Middle East & Africa Representative)
  • José Castro (Fundraiser, Legal and Scientific Affairs of AGALEMO, Asociación Amalia y Glenn Dewey para Pacientes con Leucemia y Mieloma, Costa Rica,Region Latin America Representative)
  • Rod Padua (President of Touched by Max, Philippines, Region Asia-Pacific Representative)

– The CML Management Team –

  • Denis Costello: Executive Director of the CML Advocates Network :
  • Celia Marín: Head of Communications and Programme Manager of the CML Advocates Network:
  • Lidija Pecova: Head of Member Relations, Events and Programme Manager of the CML Advocates Network:

– Sponsorship Acknowledgement –

We would like to thank the following organisations for providing unconditional educational funding. Without their support, this conference would not be possible:

Novartis Oncology (Initiating Platinum Sponsor)
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Pfizer Oncology
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

See you again at #CMLHZ22


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