New “Know Your CML” App just launched

Jul 7, 2022

“Know your CML” is a new mobile app developed by CML Advocates Network. It offers a range of features to assist patients and caregivers in understanding various aspects of living with CML and provides articles and news related to CML.

By inputting valuable data, patients will be able to follow their response to treatment, find patient organisations near them, provide information relating to the quality of life as well as the availability of treatments in their country as well as reporting side effects. They will also be able to better understand CML through quizzes and other resources to assist them on their journey.

We have prepared a Webinar that launched our breakthrough App, to share with the CML Community. Look at the video by clicking here:

“Know Your CML” is available for download on Playstore or Appstore. The app is also available via your web browser via: Know Your CML.

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