CML Horizons 2022 Hybrid Conference Highlights

Dec 7, 2022

CML Horizons 2022 started off on 28th October. More than 100 participants from more than 40 countries attended the event live and virtually over the course of 3 days, to Learn, Share and Grow.

A warm-up session on CML 101 led by Jerry Clements kicked off the first day of the meeting. In the opening keynotes, Šarūnas Narbutas and Rod Padua presented the concept for the 20th annual meeting of CML Horizons, followed by a welcome by Bahija Gouimi to Morocco and an overview of Marrakesh, the red city.

We covered some brilliant examples of advocacy best practices from our members around the world during our first session. A moving story of a united response to support CML patients in Ukraine following the outbreak of war culminated the morning session. During the afternoon sessions, Andreas Hochhaus and Jane Apperley presented a scientific talk on CML treatment strategies and new drugs, followed by a steering committee update from Dennis Costello – welcome Jerry and Jelena to the Steering Sommittee!

CML AN hosted its resource marketplace to close out the day – five live talks featured new resources launched by the network for advocates, including presentations on the new “Know your CML” app, ELN platform and website, the launch of the CML Life website, World CML Day activities and a CAB update.

The second day began with a very timely medical session on treatment-free remission. François-Xavier Mahon presented an update of the current data available on TFR for the second time, followed by Professor Asmma Quessa’s discussion of the possibility of using TFR in LMICs. The session culminated with a deeper discussion, personal experiences of TRF and debate between Giora Sharf and Jan Geissler, trying to address the question of “Is TFR the Cure?”. While the term ‘cure’ is still under debate, there is no question that TRF is welcomed by many. The morning concluded with the group splitting off into regions for some important re-grouping and conversations at a local level.

The afternoon sessions began with the next medical session focusing on current challenges in CML: Pregnancy & Fertility in CML while using TKIs by Eunice Orekha and a very informative session by Jane Apperley on the data available so far surrounding fertility, pregnancy and giving birth with CML. Michal Paz Rosin shared her moving story of treatment resistance and disease progression while receiving treatment with TKIs, followed by a session by Andreas Hochhaus on the current understanding of treatment resistance and why it might occur in some patients. Bert Spangemacher joined the meeting virtually to share his empowering story of living with severe side effects while receiving treatment with TKIs, and Francois-Xavier Mahon followed up with supporting data of current understanding of these side effects.

The second day wrapped up with two parallel sessions covering the key topic of access to treatment from dual perspectives: the first group highlighted successful advocacy stories of patient advocacy involvement in enabling access with existing TKIs in LIMCs. The second group focused on how patients can formally be involved in access decisions and advocating for access for new therapies.

The final day of the CML Horizons 2022 kicked off with a session dedicated to Evidence and Data. This session included some great examples of evidence-based advocacy worldwide, with a remote presentation from Ananda Plate on the excellent work of WECAN, followed by a presentation by Viji Venkatesh on how evidence was used to promote adherence and improve compliance in the Asia and Pacific regions.

Our host, Bahija Gouimi, wrapped up the morning session with an award presentationhuge congratulations go to Giora Sharf, Rod Padua, Pat Garcia-Gonzalez and Prof. Asmaa Quessar for your past, present and ongoing contributions to the CML community! And a special thanks and acknowledgement to Lidija Pecova for all her hard work in supporting the CML network and the Horizons event.

The afternoon covered regional sessions and presentations of regional objectives for the year ahead. This was followed by the poster prize ceremony and our congratulations go out to the poster prize winners:

  • First place: Association AMAL, Morocco
  • Second place: Israeli CML Organisation
  • Third place: Maxi Vida Chile

Giora Sharf closed the final CML Horizons 2022 session with a warm thanks to all attendees, both present and virtual. It was a truly wonderful event and everyone involved showed their ongoing passion and commitment to the CML community, in a magical setting with some truly inspirational stories.

Thank you to all who attended, we look forward to sharing all the slides, video and photography assets and a full report with you soon.

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