Patient advocates reporting from EHA Congress 2011 (Update)

ehaOn 9-12 June 2011, the European Hematology Association (EHA) held its 16th Annual Congress in London, featuring newest results from clinical trials and biology research in hematology. Several patient advocates attended the meeting. This year brought great news to the CML patient community - not only from a medical perspective. Jana Pelouchová and Jan Geissler chaired a very successful "Patient Advocates Session" on Adherence within scientific program of the congress, which featured Giora Sharf's presentation of brand-new data of the CML Advocates Network's pilot survey on adherence. In addition, patient advocates from 8 pan-European hematology patient organisations, including the CML Advocates Network, had a very fruitful meeting with EHA's executive board, potentially laying the base for a fruitful cooperation in upcoming years.

EHA Reports of CML patient advocates

Read Updated first line data of Nilotinib, Dasatinib and Bosutinib presented at EHA 2011 (Jan Geissler, 16 June 2011)

Read Stopping CML therapies and eradicating CML: Patient perspective from EHA (Jan Geissler, 16 June 2011)

Read CML Society of Canada's Reports from the EHA Sessions (Cheryl-Anne Simoneau)

New! Watch Giora Sharf (CML Advocates Network) and Lina Eliasson (Hammersmith Hospital) in an ecancer interview by Jan Geissler at EHA on Therapy Adherence in CML

New! Watch Giora Sharf in an eCancer interview on CML Advocates Network, the Israeli CML Patient’s Support Group, and on the patient-driven adherence study presented at at EHA

Webcasts of CML Experts at EHA 2011

New! Watch Hagop Kantarjian (MD Anderson) on TKI Therapy in CML

New! Watch Giuseppe Saglio on Dasatinib CML data presented at EHA

Watch Tim Hughes, Adelaide, Australia, on Second generation TKIs in chronic myeloid leukaemia (eCancer)

Blogposts about CML at EHA 2011

Patient advocacy session at European Hematology Association EHA 2011 Congress shows impact of drug adherence on outcome (Pieter Droppert / @3NT)

Webcasts of EHA Education Sessions are well worth watching (Pieter Droppert / @3NT, 14 June 2011)


Files - for CML Advocates Network Members only

Word file: Selected CML Abstracts of EHA 2011, all in a single document

Slides: Giora Sharf: Adherence: Are You Sure your Patients Are taking Their medicines

Slides: Schoberberger: Compliance Diagnosis and Drug Packaging

Slides: Adherence - David Marin presenting at Patient Advocacvy Session

Updated Abstract: Delphine Rea - StopTKI study - Updated Abstract (with updated results presented at the session)

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