9th CML-CAB: Basel, Switzerland, 20 November 2019

On 20 November 2019, the CML Community Advisory Board (CML-CAB), a workgroup of the CML Advocates Network, hosted its 9th meeting to discuss issues of major concern to the CML community.

Topics discussed during this 9th CML Community Advisory Board (CML-CAB) meeting with Novartis included goals, issues and expectations from the CML community’s perspective, a discussion on patient-centric cure for CML and Q&A sessions on access today and tomorrow and on CML patients’ inputs into R&D. Discussions focused mainly on how to collaborate best to tackle issues with access to treatment/monitoring and clinical trials in LMICs and how to move forward towards a patient-centric cure for CML with CML-CAB.

The executive summary of the meeting is available here: 9th CML-CAB November 2019 Novartis Minutes Non-confidential