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CML Advocates Network

A network of 128 chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patient organizations from 93 countries on all continents, the CML Advocates Network serves as a resource for leaders of CML patient groups. As a patient and caregiver-led organization, it was established and is run by patients and caregivers. The organization aims to educate members about advocacy and health equity, empower patient groups to advocate, and implement advocacy initiatives in both low-middle-income (LMI) and western countries. It also aims to facilitate best practices sharing among patient advocates globally.

During the 4th International “New Horizons in Cancer” conference in Dublin in 2005 for patient advocacy groups fighting CML and GIST, the idea for the CML Advocates Network was initially discussed. “New Horizons” conferences originated in 2002 and have become one of the world’s most influential networking and knowledge-sharing events for patient groups dealing with CML and GIST.

CML Advocates Network story

Let’s get ready for World CML Day on 22 September!

The latest news from the network

This year help us  leave no CML patient behind!

This year help us leave no CML patient behind!

In celebration of World CML Day, we are excited to announce the launch of our fundraising campaign! Throughout the lead-up to World CML Day and September and October, we aim to raise awareness about...

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EHA 2023 CML AN Conference Report

EHA 2023 CML AN Conference Report

The 28th EHA Congress was held in Frankfurt, Germany, from June 8-11, 2023, and continued virtually on June 14-15, 2023. Representatives from the CML Advocates Network attended the Congress and...

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