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In Memoriam of Trevor Steyn

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It is with great sadness that we share that our friend, colleague, and CML patient advocate Trevor Steyn passed away on 9th November 2021 at the age of 63.

CML Advocates Network loses a friend, a CML patient for over 32 years and also a very active patient advocate, leading the CML patient organisation CML SA founded in 2013 to offer up-to-date information, emotional support and advocacy on behalf of all CML patients in South Africa.

Trevor was a very smart person, someone who was very outspoken at our network meetings with very well reflected questions, and such a wonderful and caring individual. In words of our colleague Bahija Gouimi from AMAL, Morocco, “We lost a devoted leader and a great friend. I will really miss you calling me my dear Sister. Know that you're unforgettable. I will really miss you. I send my prayers and support to Delphine, your amazing wife and your family during this difficult time.

Our dear Catherina Scheepers, who was closely working on CML advocacy with Trevor, has written the following in memoriam of Trevor Steyn:

How does one write a tribute to a man that stood for so much? How can one even begin to describe the gaping void that his departure will leave? 

"Brother" is what the African CML community called him and he was indeed not only a brother to us all, he was a chosen friend, Trevor Steyn.

Trevor, CML survivor for over 20 years, a winemaker, priest, father and husband. Musician, motivational speaker, politician and pillar within his local community. Business man, excellent dancer and a conversationalist that had you stay up well past the midnight hour debating the solutions to help others, and yourself. He helped so many. He encouraged, shared and carried the broken and used his CML diagnoses not as crutch but as a billboard in testimony of what could be achieved if there was care, compassion, treatment and a will to change, a will to do better. 

His vibrant outlook on life - live it, his attitude towards challenge - do it, and his heart to serve - give it, led to change not only in his own life, but also of those around him. 

Today with so many others, we mourn the loss of our African Brother. Today our heads are bowed and our shoulders heavy. Tomorrow and the days to follow we will in fondness reflect on his legacy and we will pick ourselves up and one day we will again sing, and we will again dance and we will celebrate his life and the honor of having known such a great man.

To my dearest friend Trevor, I miss you.

We wish Trevor’s family and all friends all the strength and wisdom they need in these difficult times. Rest in peace, dear Trevor.