Email to remember (Rod, Philippines)

Rod Padua, President Touched By Max (Philippines)

1ca07 CIMG0157s“My friend:

This is all too sudden, my eyesight cloudy from the tears constantly flowing, it pains me deeply just to write this e-mail...

My youngest son just turned 9 years old. Tragically, on the day of his birthday, my wife who was cradling him, noticed that his stomach was way too big and taut. After tests were conducted on him the next day, it was found out that his spleen was 18 times the normal size. His doctor says that if by accident his spleen gets punctured, he wouldn’t lasts 3 minutes.

But as it turned out, it was just one of more tragic news to come…

The next few days we spent with several pedia-haematologists/oncologists. Days I wish to the heavens it should have been me, not my son, he still has a lot to live for. Soon, he was diagnosed with CML

It’s a rare type of leukemia that is usually not applicable to children. There is no known miracle drug yet but there have been some promising cures. We are in the hospital right now, he is to undergo bone marrow tests. The bottom line is he could die anytime in the future, notwithstanding. The amounts involve in the treatment are staggering. There is a foundation that gives aid for this, but our doctor says they have closed the window for additional applicants.

Please tell me anything you know about cures, foundations, aids, miraculous saints, that I could probably access. Please help me and my son, and I hope it’s not yet too late... Rod”

Eventually, this e-mail circled the world of the internet in 2006. Soon, assistances of blood certificates from persons I don’t even know, prayers from congregations I never even heard of and messages that inspired me to have hope & faith flooded my inbox.

But there was one e-mail that was perhaps the most priceless: An e-mail containing information about NOVARTIS, GIPAP, The Max Foundation, and Glivec.

And the rest is history… From a WBC count of 296,000 (healthy is 5,000-10,000) and FISH levels of 59% (healthy is 0%), my son, Maverick is on his way to complete remission after 5 years of Glivec. Instead of being frail, he is so energetic, instead of burnt skin (from chemo), he looks like he is taking those vanity pills which make you white and instead of losing hair, he can grease it anyway he wants. Having skipped a year of elementary schooling, he is back with much enthusiasm, even gaining school honors along the way.

Truly, God works in mysterious ways.

And in those sleepless nights wherein we were in the hospital a number of times, for chickenpox and other life-threatening ailments alike, my family has never ceased to “talk” to the Almighty, to seek His loving, healing hand. I don’t ever think I could thank God well enough for making Maverick lead a normal life but I sure could help devote my time in every which way I can to help others.

And soon enough, probably in a few years’ time, my son would be writing e-mails of thanks to persons he doesn’t even know, congregations he even hasn’t heard of… But sure enough, one email saved my son’s life…