Is cancer a hereditary disease? (Fidan, Azerbaijan)

Fidan, Azerbaijan (Leukemia Patients Support Group, Azerbaijan)

07262 ipod fidan12 year old Fidan is suffering from Chronic Myeloid Leukemia since she is 5. As she never had access to any TKIs she started to get chemotherapy since she was diagnosed.

As if this was not enough, 2 years later her mother got another shocking news when she started feeling strange. This was a breast cancer. Instead of spending more time with her only child and worrying about her, she had to start caring about herself too, for both of them. There were two of them now against two cancers.

Mother and daughter are travelling to Iran very often for the chemotherapy procedures. Mother had her breast been amputated recently, and continues chemotherapy courses.

However, very unfortunately Fidan’s CML has recently progressed too far – to a Lymphoid Blast Crisis stage, and as the family doesn’t have any opportunity and access to the Bone Marrow Transplant, she continues chemotherapy.

An interesting and a dreadful fact is - a mother and a daughter are both in remission almost at the same time, and then when the daughter’s health condition deteriorates, it is almost immediately reflected in her mother’s health.

The frightening story of Fidan and her mother makes you think how this can happen? Is this a coincidence? A stress? Or can it be inherited? No one has an answer to this today. Looks like it has one big root with many many faces. The doctors and scientists keep referring to the genetic disorders, however, one of the recent researches on genetic codes revealed that there aren’t any codes recorded on physical level – the DNA material itself.

Leukemia Patients Support Group in Azerbaijan is in regular contact with Fidan’s family, and regularly organising fundraising campaigns for them, to cover the basic expenses. Wishing both Fidan and her mother lots of strength and patience to overcome the severe battle in their life. God bless them.


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