One Last Chance (Kristine, Philippines)

Kristine (Philippines)

f7e51 untitledLife for me is a battle. A 7-year old girl who is supposed to enjoy the gift of life, youth and innocence, procured a sickness nobody would ever dreamed of.

My illness was discovered during my elementary school years. At first, my health “seems” fine. But when I reached Grade 4, I was in trouble. It was just a sudden change in my health, loss of appetite, I easily got tired, I got pale and physically weak.

Since then, I started taking 8 different oral medications and it’s like I’ve been taking different colored candies all my life with awful tastes! Then I stopped schooling, avoided tiring activities and worse, I lost my hair. After endless sessions of chemotheraphy, from chronic to acute stage, it was a miracle to get back to chronic stage.

I was given another chance.

Unfortunately, due to the extremely high price of medicines, not to mention the lab tests, my parents can no longer afford to give me “one last chance”… Then, we were informed about Novartis, The Max Foundation and GIPAP.

These are God-sent entities which help persons like me be like other normal human beings. God is so good that I qualified as a recipient of the miracle drug, “Glivec”.

Now, I’m already 21 years old, a 4rd-year college major in management. And if people would see me now, nobody would say that I’m a CML survivor.

Through time of tribulations, I let everyone receive a loving smile from me. In facing hardships and trials that life hand me, I am a pillar of courage. I believe we all go through challenges for a reason. My story is one to share, so that others too may be inspired. Let us not forget to look back, so that we may see how much we have progressed…