CMLAN Academy Online Learning Platform

– “Turn the theory into practice! Improve your CML patient advocacy skills!”

CML AN has been working hard to establish a long-term program, an international-wide Online Academy, to support CML patient advocates in their efforts in improving the lives of people living with CML across the world, aiming at delivering comprehensive courses on a wide range of relevant topics – striving to enable the network to acquire new knowledge and expand current, learn and build their skills up to a level which will bring a better recognition, increase the advocacy impact in every single corner of the world and help them sustain their organisation.

To bring this learning closer to a broader network of its patient advocates is only achievable by enabling learning no matter which country of the globe they live in through delivering a tool in a format of Online Blended Learning!

Who can enroll?

Access to the CMLAN Academy Online Courses is free for CML patient advocates, and all CML patient advocates, no matter where they live and would like to learn from experts and professionals, are eligible to enroll in the CMLAN Online Academy and take e-courses.

Attend live webinars, access recorded materials, engage in simulations and assignments, join the community and interact with others, earn certificates, and more.

How to enroll?

Enroll in the CMLAN Academy in just 3 simple steps to get started!


Enroll in the CMLAN Academy

Click enroll to create your free account/profile and verify your email address


Find the e-course and click to enroll


Sign in and start learning at the scheduled and announced date


We are just starting to enroll in our first course BUILDING RELATIONSHIP WITH HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS – HAEMATOLOGISTS in which you will learn from experts on how to master communication techniques more successfully, improve the effectiveness of conveying key messages and empower yourself in problem-solving in communication with targeted groups.

  • The course starting date is April 4th and the deadline to register is March 28th
  • Attend two live online workshops and take the e-learning lessons within 5 weeks once per week for no more than 2 hours duration, per each unit.
  • Contact us to get navigation and registration details or ask any questions you may have at
  • Visit the CMLAN Academy to learn more