CML-CAB Meetings:

Based on the proven ECAB model implemented by the HIV patient community and EATG for more than a decade, the first CML-CAB was held in May 2016. Since then, we have carried out 13 CML Community Advisory Boards in 24 sessions (2016-2023).

13 CML-CABs in 24 sessions from 2016-2023

Please click on the links below to access the executive summaries of each the respective CAB meetings

Date Company CAB sessions CAB Training sessions
06/2023 2nd Academic CML-CAB  
02/2021 Novartis Access to cancer treatment & value proposition
10/2020 1st Academic CML-CAB CML Cure Academy: preparatory workshops and crash courses
07/2020 Incyte/Takeda
11/2019 Novartis (+ Global President Oncol.)
5/2019 Novartis CML Horizons 2019
3/2019 Pfizer    Incyte    Takeda Strategic priority setting on CABs
11/2018 Novartis (+ CEO)
5/2018 Novartis    Pfizer    Incyte PRO & QoL instruments
11/2017 Novartis    Incyte/Takeda Collaboration with industry
5/2017 Novartis    BMS    Pfizer    Incyte CML Horizons 2017
2/2017 Novartis    Takeda/Incyte    Ariad CABs as an advocacy tool
5/2016 Novartis    Pfizer Drug development process and CML research

CML-CAB Training Sessions

In advance to CML-CAB meetings, the CML-CAB Management Team offers Training Sessions that are open to all CML-CAB members and whose purpose is to build capacity and enhance knowledge and expertise within the group on specific advocacy topics.

Given that some Training Sessions are considered of value to the broader community, we decided to make the slides and recordings available to the public by publishing them on our website.

You can access the full webinar recording and the presentation slides of the following sessions: