CML-CAB 2020

CML-CAB 2020



CML Community Advisory Board (CML-CAB) Meetings 2020


In 2020, the CML Community Advisory Board (CML-CAB), a workgroup of the CML Advocates Network, hosted two meetings to discuss issues of major concern to the CML community. 

The first meeting held in July 2020 was a classic example of a Community Advisory Board meeting with industry. To this meeting we invited representatives from the companies Incyte and Takeda. 

In October, we had our very first “Academic CML-CAB” with scientific experts working on novel areas of CML research. No representatives from industry were present in this CAB meeting.

More information about these meetings and the Executive Summaries of both can be found here: 

11th CML-CAB: Academic CML-CAB, virtual meeting, 12 October 2020

10th CML-CAB: virtual meeting, 23 July 2020




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