CML Support Groups: Members of the CML Advocates Network

The CML Advocates Network connects patient organisations supporting patients and families affected with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)

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CML Patient Organisations

Patient Organisations - Contents


Central and Eastern Europe & West Asia

1 Armenia: "CML-Armenia"
2 Azerbaijan: 'Birlikde' Leukemia Patients Support Organisation
3 Azerbaijan: Charter Of "Fighting Leukemia" Public Union
4 Bosnia and Herzegovina: Organisation of Leukemia Patients "Osmijeh" Tuzla
5 Bosnia and Herzegovina: ZAGRLJAJ Association of leukemia and lymphoma patients "Embrace" (Udruga oboljelih od leukemije i limfoma)
6 Bulgaria: Association of People Suffering from Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
7 Croatia: Croatian Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (HULL Hrvatska udruga leukemija i limfomi)
8 Czech Republic: Diagnoza CML
9 Estonia: Eesti Leukeemia ja Lümfoomihaigete Liit (Estonian Leukaemia and Lymphoma Patients Society)
10 Georgia: The Alliance of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients of Georgia
11 Hungary: CML-GIST Betegek Egyesülete
12 Hungary: MOHA
13 Kazakhstan: Association of patients with hemoblastoses
14 Kosovo Association for Supporting Chronic Leukemia Patients
15 Latvia: Association of Support for Leukemia Patients (Leikemijas slimnieku atbalsta biedriba)
16 Lithuania: Community of Oncohematological Patients (COHP) KRAUJAS
17 Macedonia: Association for help in treatment of patients with CML
18 Poland: The Association for Blood Cancer Patients Aid (Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Chorym na Nowotwory Krwi)
19 Poland: The Nationwide Association for CML Patients Aid
20 Romania: "Fighting and Preventing Lymphoma and Leukemia" Leukemia Association
21 Romania: "MIELOPRO" - Asociatia Pacientilor cu Neoplazii Mieloproliferative
22 Russia: CML-Stop
23 Russia: Sodeystvie (Assistance)
24 Serbia: CML Association of Serbia
25 Slovakia: CML Life
26 Slovenian Lymphoma and Leukemia Patient Association, L&L
27 Turkey: DANCE with CANCER
28 Turkey: The Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma Patients Research and Education Society (LLMBIR)
29 Ukraine: CFР «DROP BLOOD»
30 Ukraine: OSANNA
31 Uzbekistan: Uzbekistan CML patients league

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