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CML Patient Organisations

Poland: The Association for Blood Cancer Patients Aid (Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Chorym na Nowotwory Krwi)

Contact information

Oddział Hematologiczny
u. Peowiaków 1
22-400 Zamość, Polska/Poland

Tel. +48 666896909



Key contact

Krzysztof Żbikowski - President

Brief description of organization

The Association for Blood Cancer Patients Aid was established in 2006. The most member (over 90 %) of our Organisation are the patients with CML. The main goal of our daily activity is to help the CML patients and their families. Our role in helping is especially important in the case of the new patients with CML and we organized for them the supporting group of the well educated volunteers. We are active in the Eastern part of Poland and we have contact with the CML patients living in Ukraine and Belorus not far from the border. We cooperate very closely with other Polish CML patients organisations in the area of education of different aspects of this disease and we would like to expand our activity on the international area and cooperate with other CML patients organisation in the different countries.

Key objectives and initiatives

Last time, the members of our organizations are engaged in the formation of the Academy of the Fight against Cancer and formed psychooncological group of professionalists who educate the CML patients. We are going to celebrate the International CML Awareness Day by helping to other non-profit organisations of Honour Blood Donors in their events. The main goal of our activity is to educate in different way the patients with CML.

Number of members or patients the organisation represents

62 (Oct 2012)


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