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CML Patient Organisations

Czech Republic: Diagnoza CML

Contact address:

ÚHKT, U Nemocnice 1 (virtual site-for registration purposes)
Prague 2
Prague 128 20

Telephone: +420728308360



Key contacts:

Ms. Jana Pelouchova - Chair person
Phone: +420728308360

Brief description of organization:

Diagnoza leukemie is a patient-governed society building on the experience of a CML support organization (2006-2014) when it has expanded into the broader scope of blood cancers (all leukemias, MDS, MPN). Independent source of disease-related information through collaboration with medical study groups. Providing patients input into legislative changes by means of membership at the Patient Advisory Board of the Health Ministry. Facilitating peer-to-peer support.


Patients and their family members in the role of caregivers.

Ways of communication with constituency

Non-stop telephone helpline.
Immediate Messanger and email communication.
Social media ( and closed Facebook forums for CML and CLL patients).

Organizational objectives and key programs:

Our organizational objectives are:

  • A reliable source of information and education.
  • Collaboration with HCP and other stakeholders within the Czech healthcare system.
  • Patient representative within the Health Ministry Advisory Board.
  • Providing opportunities for peer-to-peer support.
  • International connection through patient networks. 

Our key programs are:

  • Organizing "Regional Patient Meetings" - conferences performed at 3 major Czech cities.
  • Community patient meetings at locations of active patient involvement.
  • Video-library as a root information base on the website.
  • Updates on local and international activities via social media.
  • Connecting patients with researchers.

Board of Directors:


Year of establishment:





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