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Greece: "K.E.F.I. of Athens" Association of Cancer Patients of Athens


33-35 Aitolias Str., GR 11523,

Tel. +30 210 6468222, +30 210 6447 002
Fax +30 210 6468 221
Web: (english page under construction)



Zoe Grammatoglou


Association of Cancer Patients of Athens-“K.E.F.I” is a not-for-profit, patient-run organization established in Athens-Greece in 2004. Its main objective is to provide emotional, psychological and social support to cancer patients and the members of their families. Due to the steadily increasing numbers of cancer patients and lack of proper infrastructure and robust national health services framework, “K.E.F.I.” is constantly fighting. The executive board members of “K.E.F.I.” are people that have dealt with cancer in the past themselves and now share their experience with members and volunteers of “K.E.F.I.” Currently, “K.E.F.I.” consists of 650 registered members and 60 trained and active volunteers. Its activities are diverse and target in the core of the problematic. On average per year, 320 patients and/or their relatives receive psychological support and ethical boost during their staying in hospitals. An Open Patient Group meets in our offices throughout the year and is coordinated by volunteer experts which focus on psychological therapy. Moreover, psychological support is provided via the phone for patients with mobility problems (o/a 160 per year).Information on the rights and the processes that a patient has to go through but also information on scientific developments and prevention of cancer, is offered via campaigns, meetings and conferences, trainings and cultural events. Our offices receive on average 25 calls from patients seeking for information concerning their rights. “K.E.F.I.” is a Member of European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC).


It is an open organization constantly seeking partnerships with stakeholders. There are four pillars that express the main objectives:
a. Informing and mobilizing the members of our community towards prevention, fighting cancer and ameliorating conditions for a better quality of life for patients and their family members.
b. Strengthening, educating, informing patients with cancer and their family members.
c. Advocacy in favor of patients, in dialogue with the policy-forming institutions.
d. Professional level training offered to volunteers in the field of psychological therapy and social support to cancer patients and their family members. The one-year programme is concluded with traineeship to various national hospitals.
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660, 10 of them CML patients (status: Sept 2015)


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