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Thailand: MaxSmiles


43 Xavier Hall, Room 3/3
Samsane Nai, Payathai,
Bangkok, 10400


Telephone: 02-278-5238




MaxSmiles was founded in October 2007 in Bangkok. The group started with CML and GIST patients, now expand to people living with blood cancer and rare cancer.  The goal is to meet, share, advise, encourage and provide support to patients and caregivers, especially the new diagnosis.  At the present, we are expanding our support to form up other patient supporting group in other regional and countries, by sharing experiences, template of the meeting and materials to run the first meeting




MaxSmiles goals are;
1.) To provide psychological and emotional support to the blood cancer and rare cancer patients in Thailand and visitors from other countries.
2.) To learn and to share the diseases and treatment knowledge from the resources that are available.
3.) To create the group activities and raising funds for supporting among the members and to give back to the community and social.



1.) MaxSmiles Supporting Group Meeting: Runs every first Saturday of the month at Xavier Hall, Bangkok. Members share home cook foods and experiences and supporting each other especially the newly cancer diagnosis.
2.) MaxSmiles Celebration of Life in October: An annually meeting for everyone to participate in healthy life style activities, patient education from the specialists and sharing experiences.
3.) MaxSmiles Newsletter: 3 issues per year. Provides the group news, information of diseases treatment and encouragement words to the group members who mainly live in the countryside and remote area.
4.) MaxSmiles Facebook Group (Secret Group): Applying through existing member to exchanging information and discussion among the members. All the photos and story and content will be appearing in the group only, to reserve the member privacy.



2000 patients (Dec 2012)


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