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Philippines: Touched By Max


Mailing/Postal Address:
20 Union St. San Jose, Navotas City Philippines, 1485

Telephone: (632) 9292161
Fax: (632) 9292161


Rod N. Padua, President Touched By Max, Inc.


Touched By Max, Inc. (TBM) is a non-profit, Security and Exchange Commission - registered, Patient-Support Association created in 2006 with the primary purpose of making more meaningful and liveable the lives of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) and Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) patients in the Philippines.

Specifically, we have 700 members, many of them children. In partnership with The Max Foundation, Inc. (TBM) of Seattle, Washington ( and Novartis Philippines, we would like to believe we have made a difference in each of these patients lives through the conduct of Blood-Letting Donations, Spiritual Seminars, Art Therapy Sessions, Family Day Celebrations and other activities that make our members momentarily forget their predicament. On the average, we facilitate plenary activities for our members at least four (4) times a year:
1. March we celebrate the Glivec International Patients Assistance Program
2. April "Family Day, including workshops for Artworks
3. October Max's Birthday Celebration and Thanksgiving
4. December Yuletide Gathering and End-of-Year Evaluation

In all of these events, we make it a point to stress things the patients have to know” through lectures and seminars conducted by our tie-ups with medical experts in their own fields. Also, we incorporate complimentary sessions like Laughter Yoga, Spiritual Recollections and Art Therapies, among others, to lessen the patients burden of dealing with the situation. In between these major events, we conduct Blood Letting sessions with the Philippine National Red Cross. Screened and passed blood outputs are then made available to our members for free. We also source out other medicines which could be made available for free or be subsidized by TBM.

The Board of Directors of TBM conducts its regular Board Meetings every last Saturday of the month. However, prior to the holding of any major event and also the intervening events, we meet weekly to discuss and make sure that all is well-planned. The Board is composed of 15 members, either patients themselves or caregivers.


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