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The CML Advocates Network connects patient organisations supporting patients and families affected with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)

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CML Patient Organisations

Canada: CML Society of Canada


Mailing/Postal Address:
2752 rue de roseraies
Vaudreuil, Quebec H4C 1G1

Telephone: 1-866-912-7575 Toll Free


Name: Cheryl-Anne Simoneau
Position: president


The CML Society actively works to respond to the distinct needs of people living with CML and their families through a variety of services, activities and forums for discussing and sharing experiences and knowledge.


  • Help patients access medical, mental health and wellness professionals.
  • Organize quarterly meetings for information sharing.
  • Disseminate the latest information through the website and newsletters and periodic targeted emails.
  • Organize seminars to share information from medical conferences (e.g. American Society of Hematology, American Society of Clinical Oncology)


The CML Society has established and maintains ongoing communications with public bodies whose decisions impact the well-being of patients. The Society lobbies both federal and provincial governments in order to ensure that it is kept apprised of developing legislative activities and to help effect desired outcomes for the benefit of CML patients. The Society also equips patients to advocate on their own behalf in order to ensure consistency across Canada with respect to treatment options.

A healthcare advisory panel is planned for the future. It will provide input for federal and provincial health policy development and act as a communication link to the hematology community at large.


mission and vision

Established in 2006, the CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia) Society provides support, education and information on CML, current and emerging treatments and research initiatives for people living with CML and their families. Through these efforts and ongoing advocacy, the mission of the CML Society is to help reduce suffering and improve care and the quality of life of CML patients.

The rapid development of treatments and the impact of longer term survival have created the need for an organization with a unified voice in the management and treatment of CML. The needs of the increasing number of surviving patients must be addressed with specialized care and monitoring. The CML Society of Canada also supports organizations in their effort into finding a cure for CML.


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