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CML Patient Organisations

Argentina: ALMA - Asociación Leucemia Mieloide Argentina

Contact address:

Avenida de Mayo 1161 4° piso,
dpto. 8 Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires C.P. 1085
República Argentina.

Phone (5411) 4382-0783

Website address:

Key contacts:

Fernando Piotrowski - President

Viviana Olivarez - Secretary

Brief description of organisation:

ALMA (Asociación de Leucemia Mieloide Argentina) is a non-profit organization that was approved by Argentina's General Inspection of Justice with the number 000465.

Those of us who are a part of ALMA's core are mostly CML patients who met during patient meetings organized by The Max Foundation's MaxStation in Argentina, and in the hallways of different hospitals and clinics.

Key objectives and key initiatives:

Our key objectives are:

  • To give and receive emotional and practical support to CML patients and caregivers.
  • To exchange and receive information about the different treatment options available to CML patients.
  • To organize educational presentations by professionals from different specialties.
  • To advocate for the right of CML patients to receive the best treatment for their condition.
  • To ensure patient's access to reimbursements and coverage established by the law.
  • To facilitate access to local and global resources.
  • To promote patients' rights.
  • To provide information and counseling to any person who needs it.


165 (June 2011)


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