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The CML Advocates Network connects patient organisations supporting patients and families affected with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)

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CML Patient Organisations

Colombia: Fundación Esperanza Viva (Hope Alive Foundation)

Contact adress

CRA 23 # 53-29 APT 303

Tel: 57-6578111 and 57-3153309237
Fax: 57-6578111



Key contact

Nury Esperanza Villalba Suárez
Directora Ejecutiva - Executive Director

Brief description

Our foundation is a non-for-profit organization legally established since march 2007, whose objectives are to advice patients and relatives with haematological and oncological patologies.

Organisational objectives

We work in four main areas: scientific advisory, legal advocacy, emotional support and recreational activities.
  • Scientific advisory - We provide information through talks and printed materials about the disease in a simple language.
  • Legal advocacy - To help the patient to demand their rights to the insurance companies and the state health system.
  • Emotional Support - Through hearing, understanding and advicing we help patients to cope with their disease.
  • Recreational Activities - We offer leisure activities to help build strong bonds between patients and caregivers.

Key initiatives and activities

  • "Knowing my rights and my health system"
  • "Emotional self control"
  • "Information and Educational activities directed to schools to which sick children attend"
  • "Cancer survivors" helping patients and caregivers

Number of members

78 (as of 2007-10-08)

Additional information

The whole range of our services are entirely free.


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