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CML Patient Organisations

Kenya: HENZO

Contact address:

P.O. BOX 2621, K.N.H.,
Nairobi 202

Telephone: +254722242766


Facebook: henzokenya
Twitter: @henzokenya
Instagram: HENZOKENYA2020

Key contacts:

Evan Mapelu - CHAIRMAN
Phone: +254722242766

Mobile: +254722868520

Brief description of organization:

Henzo is a support group formed by patients diagnosed with CML and GIST who are on Glivec International Patients Assistance Program (GIPAP) in Kenya, caregivers and partners.

Organizational objectives and key programs:

To support and empower each other in order to improve the quality of life for cancer patients, survivors and families. Our strategic plan is organized into four goals derived from the WHO global strategies on cancer control, namely: to Prevent, Cure, Care and Manage. Goal I: Support: To establish support systems such as counselling and support groups for leukaemia & GIST patients, survivors and their families. Goal II: Information: To establish a coalition to mobilize resources for leukaemia & GIST as well as advocating for health concerns to be mainstreamed in relevant government and non-governmental agencies. Goal III: Research: To research the availability of resources for people diagnosed with leukaemia & GIST and identify existing information gaps and needs. Goal IV: Awareness: To design and implement awareness and training workshops and seminars based on information derived from the research.



Alice Muthoni Kuria Community Builder Avatar   17.06.2015 (06:30:47)
HENZO KENYA - CML & GIST PATIENTS PROGRAM Yes No Henzo Kenya has been my support group for the last 5 years. The group has been an advocate for CML and GIST patients medication. Through the tireless and determination of Henzo, the effort through the leadership of our Chairman, Mr. Ferdinand Mwangura, patients have been able to receive their medication in good time and any assistant they need. The support group has been making a following up on the patients and also creating awareness through seminars and cycling activities now and then. I believe Henzo is going far in making sure that the patients are well taken care of.

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