CML Horizons 2018: Learn. Share. Grow.
4 – 6 May 2012, Warsaw, Poland


CML 301 – Introduction to CML, science and data Overview of CML Horizons (Šarūnas Narbutas and Jan Geissler) – PDF Video Webstream

Medical Session #1: CML Management in Countries with Access Challenges

Advocacy Session #1: Improving the communication with patients

  • Patient-Doctor Communications: Introduction and moderation, Why is patient-doctor communication important (Cristián Neves) PDF
  • Roleplay: Gail Sperling(doctor; Gianantonio Rosti (patient)and Erin Schwarz(wife) – Panel discussion with Q&A, – Video Webstream
  • Communication with patients; Managing anxiety (Irene Caballes) – PDFVideo Webstream
  • Talking to teenage patients (Cristián Neves) – PDFVideo Webstream
  • Empowering the caregivers (Gail Sperling – LLS) – PDFVideo Webstream

Regional Sessions Report – Video Webstream

  • Europe Region – PDF
  • East Asia / Pacific – PDF
  • Africa and the Middle East – PDF
  • Latin America – PDF

Advocacy Session #2: Evidence-Based Advocacy 1 – Generating the evidence

  • Barking up the right tree on access, policy & research. Why evidence-based advocacy? (Jan Geissler) – PDF Video Webstream
  • What kind of data? Some advocacy examples Doing surveys: The Leukaemia Care Patient Experience Survey (Zack Pemberton-Whiteley) –PDFVideo Webstream
  • Social Media-based data: Facebook Group example (Toni Montserrat) PDFVideo Webstream
  • Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (Felice Bombaci) – PDFVideo Webstream
  • Doing Focus Groups: Max Foundation Focus Group on PCR (Cathy Scheepers) – PDFVideo Webstream

Medical Session #2: First-line decision making

  • Did the introduction of generics change clinical decisions in first-line therapy? (Gianantonio Rosti) – PDFVideo Webstream
  • Pediatrics: New labels of Nilotinib and Dasatinib (Meinolf Suttorp) Available from 1st July 2018
  • Update on Treatment Guidelines (Delphine Rea) – PDFVideo Webstream

Medical #3: Side Effect Management

  • Long-term side effects of TKIs (Gianantonio Rosti) – PDFVideo Webstream
  • Collaboration of cardiologists and hematologists (Tristan Mirault + Delphine Rea) – PDF – Video Webstream
  • Side effect management: Nurse experience (Irene Caballes) – PDFVideo Webstream

Advocacy #3: Stopping CML treatment – clinical data, bad practice, patient information

Medical #4: New Agents / New Regimens

  • ABL001/Ascitinib trials (Delphine Rea) – PDFVideo Webstream
  • Is there any evidence to use lower TKI doses? (Delphine Rea) – PDFVideo Webstream
  • How will therapeutic landscape in CML change in next 5 years in your region? Panel discussion with speakers from Asia (Raymond Wong) Africa (Nicholas Anthony Othieno Abinya) Eastern Europe (Andrija Bogdanovic), Europe (Gianantonio Rosti) – PDF – Video Webstream

Advocacy #4: Evidence-based advocacy 2 – Using the evidence (Theory & Examples)

  • Influencing industry: Example WECAN Legal Agreements survey (Šarūnas Narbutas) – PDFVideo Webstream
  • Influencing regulators and HTA: Example patient evidence in HTA in the UK (Zack Pemberton-Whiteley) – PDFVideo Webstream
  • Influencing scientists and clinicians: Example Surveys on adherence, TFR and generics (Jan Geissler) – PDF – Video Webstream

Best Poster Award, closing and farewell; The CML Horizons Steering Committee – Video Webstream