Horizons 2019: Learn. Share. Grow.
17 to 19 May 2019, Lisbon – Portugal

Day 1:

Medical #4: Outlook on CML in 2023

  • Future research: Asciminib, and other future drugs. Francois-Xavier Mahon PDF Video Web stream
  • Discussion: State of 2023 in Western Countries: What will choice of therapy be like if all current TKIs will be generic? Debate of Gianantonio Rosti and Francois-Xavier Mahon PDF Video Webstream
  • State of 2023 in LMI: How will CML diagnostics and therapy evolve in LMI? Do all TKI becoming generic change access in any way? Qian Jiang PDF Video Webstream

Advocacy #4: Living with CML

  • Transition Care: Managing the transition from paediatric to adult care. Rod Padua and Yunus Borowczak PDF Video Webstream
  • Side effect self-management. Robert J. Thomas PDF Video Webstream
  • Psychosocial issues, anxiety, depression, dealing with grief, supporting carers. Panellists: Lisa Machado, Cristian Neves, Cornelia Borowczak, Gerald Clements Video Webstream

Best Poster Award, closing and farewell Video

Horizons 2020: Costa Rica Presentation Video