Call for Posters: CML Advocacy Poster Area at CML Horizons 2022

We will print your poster in Marrakesh

Here’s your chance to show off your poster in Morocco since it’s easier than ever. We will print your poster directly in Marrakesh and even hang it up for you if you create your own or use the template available here. As a result, you will not have to worry about printing and carrying it with you. The only requirement is that you must send us your file no later than Monday 10th October 2022 to take advantage of this excellent opportunity. To send your file, please e-mail Lidija at

What is the CML Advocacy Poster Area?

The CML Advocacy Poster Area is a separate area inside the venue where CML Horizons 2022 participants can display a paper poster illustrating their CML patient advocacy activities, projects and outcomes.

During CML Horizons 2022 conference, your poster will be shown and accessible by all conference participants and shared throughout our social media channels.

The aim of the Poster Area is to provide participants with the opportunity to share their key activities and learn from the initiatives and experiences of other CML organisations from around the world in CML advocacy.

Win the Best Poster Award!

During the conference, there will be an opportunity to vote (once only per organization) for the best poster and we will announce the winners on Sunday, 30th October 2022.

So, we invite you to send us your file no later than Monday 10th October 2022 to take advantage of this excellent deal. To send your file, please e-mail Lidija at

This is an amazing opportunity to showcase your Organisations’ yearly activity or a special project that made an impact on the CML Community in your country on a worldwide platform and share your activities.

How can I submit a poster?

Participants who would like to display a poster in the CML Advocacy Poster Area are invited to create a poster using the template and recommendations available. Participants can use this poster template or can have their own design. But do not forget to send your poster to Lidija by Monday 10th October 2022

Be creative!

You can be as creative as you like or you can use our poster guidelines and template, we have made for you. You can download this template HERE.