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Arrival and departure dates and times

Arrival date: Friday  2 May 2014

  • flights for advocates   should not land later than 9:00, as the European and other regional pre-meetings start at 10:30
  • It is recomended that advocates arrive on Thursday May 1st to be able to attend the regional pre-meetings
  • All conference participants meet for lunch on Friday 2 May at 12:30h. The global meeting starts at 14:00h.

Departure date: Sunday,  4 May 2014

  • Flights should not depart earlier than 16:30h; in case you like to participate in the city tour, then the flights should not depart before 21:30h


Please make sure that delegates have valid travel documents, and that you apply for visas early! Should you need an official invitation letter to obtain a visa, please let Natasa Kokir at  know well in advance.

Travel of patient advocates

Patient advocates are expected to book and cover their own travel to Belgrade airport (e.g. flights). Transport from the airport to the conference venue will be provided for free. A conference fee of EUR 500 per delegate will be raised. The fee will cover all costs including attendance at the conference, max. 3 nights of accommodation in a single room, local transport, food and drinks, and Internet access in the conference room, etc. It will not cover incidental costs like bar, mini-bar, room WiFi, phone calls, taxi costs, upgrades for double rooms, relatives attending the conference, and any other non-official activities.

After registration, please provide our logistics agency "Liberty", Natasa Kokir at, with your travel details so we can arrange your local transport and accommodation accordingly. These details should be provided no later than 1 month before the meeting, or by April 3 ed, 2014.

In addition, travel grants are available for some advocates who are interested in attending the conference. Applications for these grants are invited from interested advocates. Those that are granted will receive an economy class return ticket and will not need to pay the conference fee. See the page on scholarships.

Travel of Steering Committee, receivers of travel grants, and speakers

We will book your flights for Steering Committee members, Grants recievers and speakers. Please do not book your own travel.

To arrange your filghts please contact our travel agency- All Tours, as soon as possible, and indicate your preferences for departure day and time, which airport, and airline. Also provide your prefered return day and time. The travel agency will try to book your flights according to your preferences, taking also into account costs.

Here are the contact details for All Tours Travel agency:

Avigail: email-      Nimrod: email-   You can contact anyone of these 2 agents.

Phone- Office- +972-48670670.

For emergencies- Avigail's mobile- +972-504265880,   Nimrod's Mobile- +972-504265878

Since flight rates are going up on a daily basis, if you are one of the participants whose flights will be booked by us, please contact the travel agency as soon as possible.

Travel of representatives of sponsors

Be aware that even though you need to book your own flights, we need your registration with flight details to be able to book your hotel room and arrange your transfers from teh airport to teh hotel.


Please contact Nicole Schroeter, Jan Geissler and Giora Sharf should you need any clarification about the conference programme, or see challenges in attending CML Horizons 2014.


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