CML Horizons 2015: Video Streams DAY 1 - FRIDAY 1 May 2015







DAY 1 - FRIDAY, 1 May 2015

Here you will find the video web streams of all CML Horizons 2015 sessions of DAY 1 (Friday).

Click on the play button to see and hear the presentation. Once the video plays, you can also click on the "full screen" button to improve readability of the slides. You can also download the PDF of the slides.



Welcome to Barcelona and to CML Horizons 2015

Giora Sharf (CML Advocates Network) and María Navarro (Spanish Patients' Forum) - PDF (Giora) - PDF (María)


Parallel pre-meeting: CML 101

Pat Garcia-Gonzalez  -  PDF


Parallel pre-meeting: Patient Involvement in CML Research

Patient involvement in CML research (Jan Geissler)  -  PDF
(No webstream available of this session)


Medical Session #1: CML Update

Overview CML 1st line, 2nd line, managing resistance

Michael Mauro  -  PDF

Managing CML in countries with limited resources

Hari Menon  -  PDF

Q&A with experts (Michael Mauro & Hari Menon)

Advocacy Session #1: Advocacy examples on access to treatment & care

Access to therapies 

Ananda Plate  -  PDF


Access to trials 

Zhengchen Liu  -  PDF

Access programs

Pat Garcia-Gonzalez -  PDF


Achieving reimbursement

Georges Sayde  -  PDF


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