CML Horizons 2015: Video Streams DAY 2 - SATURDAY 2 May 2015






DAY 2 - SATURDAY, 2 May 2015

Here you will find the video web streams of all CML Horizons 2015 sessions of DAY 2 (Saturdayay).

Click on the play button to see and hear the presentation. Once the video plays, you can also click on the "full screen" button to improve readability of the slides. You can also download the PDF of the slides.


Elections 2015 – Presentations of candidates for the CML Horizons Steering Committee

PDF - Nomination Forms

Medical Session #2: Treatment-free remission: Opportunities and challenges

Treatment-free remission, stop trials, predictors for stopping treatment

Andreas Hochhaus  -  PDF

The patient perspective on treatment-free remission, including support needs

Pat Elliott  -  PDF

Panel discussion: The psychology of stopping treatment 

Pat Elliott + Michael Mauro + Andreas Hochhaus + Cristian Neves

Advocacy Session #2: World CML Day Toolkit


Jan Geissler - PDF

Training & practical tips

Danielle Miller, ZN Consulting  -  PDF part 1/4 - PDF part 2/4 - PDF part 3/4 - PDF part 4/4



Medical Session #3: Living (long) with CML

Long-term side effect profiles of CML treatments, cardiovascular & thrombotic events

Andreas Hochhaus  -  PDF

Managing CML in children and young adults

Frederic Millot  -  PDF

Panel discussion: What is different for adolescent patients with CML?

Cornelia Borowczak, Rod Padua, Cristian Neves, Frederic Millot, Andreas Hochhaus


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