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Voices of CML


Voices of CML 940X788"Voices of CML" will be an online event with the CML patient community on the occasion of World CML Day (Sept 22, 2020)

Join in, spread the word and show your support for patients and caregivers from all over the globe as they tell their stories about living with CML and serving the CML community.

Due to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many CML patient organisations have decided not to organise the kinds of face to face events that they would have normally have.  CML Advocates Network is, therefore, coordinating an online event that will allow patient groups from the different regions of the world present their work and share their stories during World CML Day.
By organising a series of regional online video meetings, "Voices of CML" will travel virtually from Asia, then onwards through the Middle-East, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Western Europe, Latin America and finally North America.  The event will feature interviews with patient representatives and CML patients about what it is like to live with CML and the many issues faced by patients today and what the community is doing to support and help patients.
If you would like to tell us about the work that your organisation is doing in your country or region, please email us on info@worldcmlday.org and we will be happy to organise a video conference with you to discuss how best to tell your story and work with you to participate in this online event.

World CML Day 2019

WCMLD 2013 0922



World CML Day




"Today, together, 

for a CML free world."


Image web 1Every year in 22nd September the CML global community lead by the CML patient Advocates holds the World CML Day. 9/22 represents the genetic change of Chromosomes 9 and 22 that is the cause of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML).

Since 2011, the worldwide community unites to celebrate "World CML Day" on September 22 (9/22). This date has been chosen for global and local CML awareness activities adding symbolic significance to the events, projects and campaigns.

CML patient advocates are together focused on raising awareness of the needs of patients living with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia.


Know more about what we are planning for the World CML Day 2019 and be ready to be part of the worldwide awareness with "Today, together. For a CML free world." 

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World CML Day 2018

WCMLD 2013 0922


2018 World CML Day


"Today, Together.

  Improving access."


“We see people dying of CML even though it's a well-understood, biologically well-understood, a well-treatable disease with five different therapies on the market.  But if you can't access testing, if you can't access the drugs, people are still dying from the disease. And so access is a big issue.  It's probably the biggest barrier that we have.”

- Jan Geissler. Co-founder of the CML Advocates Network –


Every year in 22nd September the CML global community lead by the CML patient Advocates holds the World CML Day. In 2017 more than 60 CML patient associations, members of the CML Advocates Network, support the awareness campaign “Today, together” and celebrate their courage and achievements! World CML Day 2017 Report

Know more about what we are planning for the World CML Day 2018 and be ready to be part of the worldwide awareness with "Today, together. Improving access." 

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World CML Day 2017 activities worldwide



This World CML Day 2017 has been a really exciting celebration for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia community. 60 CML Advocates Network patient organisations members of 51 countries from all continents joined our global campaign "Today Together: Today, together we are treated.Tomorrow we need cure!", raising awareness about CML patient perspective, needs, feelings and wishes.

CML patient advocates and patient associations empowered not just the CML patients, relatives and carers but also health care providers, media, policymakers and the public in general.

The CML Advocates Network was really positively touched by hundreds of CML advocacy activities where emotions and scientific CML information shared by CML advocates led the CML conversation on media, social media, health centres and many streets and institutions.

We want to present you this World CML Day 2017 Report with most of the global activities as well as express our warmest gratitude to all participants who made last 22nd September a memorable day.

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World CML Day 2017

WCMLD 2013 0922


Today, Together



... is still the motto of the 2017 World CML Day campaign but we give one step more..

Today, together we are treated. 

                            Tomorrow we need cure! 


One day, one community, one life changing reality… Today, we are together to take a stand, share our needs and raise awareness! 

This year again on World CML Day 9/22 leukemia patients worldwide are united to address the courage and hope required to live with chronic myeloid leukemia and are calling for access to best available treatment and care for all patients but also for the development of a cure for our disease.

This is our 10th World CML Day celebration and since 2015 we celebrate World CML Day 22/9 under the motto TODAY, TOGETHER! This time, we want to add the following to the main message: "Today, together we are treated. Tomorrow, we need cure!"

For more information about this year’s campaign you can watch in the video presentation: World CML Day 2017: Achievements and Outlook

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