Voices of CML


Voices of CML 940X788"Voices of CML" will be an online event with the CML patient community on the occasion of World CML Day (Sept 22, 2020)

Join in, spread the word and show your support for patients and caregivers from all over the globe as they tell their stories about living with CML and serving the CML community.

Due to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many CML patient organisations have decided not to organise the kinds of face to face events that they would have normally have.  CML Advocates Network is, therefore, coordinating an online event that will allow patient groups from the different regions of the world present their work and share their stories during World CML Day.
By organising a series of regional online video meetings, "Voices of CML" will travel virtually from Asia, then onwards through the Middle-East, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Western Europe, Latin America and finally North America.  The event will feature interviews with patient representatives and CML patients about what it is like to live with CML and the many issues faced by patients today and what the community is doing to support and help patients.
If you would like to tell us about the work that your organisation is doing in your country or region, please email us on info@worldcmlday.org and we will be happy to organise a video conference with you to discuss how best to tell your story and work with you to participate in this online event.