World CML Day 2021

WCMLDay21 Web 120 years of life-changing CML therapies, 

but worldwide access is needed for all patients.

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Every 22nd September, chronic myeloid leukemia patients across the globe unite on World CML Day 9/22. 

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the approval of the first targeted therapy in CML that made a life-changing prognosis for many CML patients.

However, there is still a serious lack of access to standard treatments and monitoring tools for CML patients in many countries over the world.

Access to basic medicines and diagnostic, treatment according to expert recommendations, accurate monitoring tools, effective side effects management, and right information for patients and carers remain as huge challenges for many CML patients worldwide.

Visit the World CML Day 2021 website and download the logo to start your preparation for 9/22 advocacy activities.

 - 20 years of life-changing CML therapies, but worldwide access is still needed -

The global CML patient community call scientists, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, governments, and the whole society to join us in our commitment on World CML Day 2021 to achieve universal access to the best health outcomes for all CML patients regardless of where they live.

Visit the World CML Day 2021 website and have a look at the World CML Day 2021 website where you can find out new materials in many different languages to be used in your own platforms and social media channels:

  • Versions of the World CML Day logo
  • Animated images for the social media channels Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram in the different languages
  • A Visual Identity Handbook

Feel free to download all resources to join the campaign and being part of the 9/22 movement on 22nd September 2021.


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