CML Clinical Trials

Cancer research is an area where new treatments are being explored for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of different types of cancer. Researchers conduct so called "clinical studies" or "clinical trials" to improve treatment options for the patients of today and tomorrow. These studies are performed to investigate the biological mechanisms of the disease, to optimize the use of existing therapies or to test new forms of treatment or new drugs to find out whether they are more effective or better tolerated. For more information please read our manual "what are clinical trials?"

Patients wishing to participate in clinical studies often look for a central source of information where they can find easy-to-understand facts on ongoing trials. CML Advocates Network is now hosting an inofficial database of current CML trials which have been initiated by academia (universities) or by pharmaceutical companies. This database is run by patients for patients and is set up as a dynamic register in which data are updated on an ongoing basis. CML Advocates Network has taken utmost care to verify the data entered, however, cannot assume any liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information. Patients should consult their doctor for personal advice and/or their scientific contact/study staff for the most up-to-date study information.

Do you know of any study that is not yet listed here? Please let us know by filling out this form. Or is there an entry which should be corrected? If so, please send us an email. Please also visit our forum if you have any questions or wish to share your experience on these studies.


1. First line trials TOP LINK

1 KISS = Kinase Inhibition With Sprycel Start up [New Zealand]
2 SUSTRENIM = Sustained Treatment-free Remission in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia [Belgium, Italy, Netherlands]
3 DasaHIT = Dasatinib Holiday for Improved Tolerability [Germany]

2. Trials after therapy failure or intolerance TOP LINK

1 PONS = Ponatinib in Second Line [Germany]
2 DasaHIT = Dasatinib Holiday for Improved Tolerability [Germany]
3 OPUS = Optimizing Ponatinib Use [Italy]
4 CABL001X2101 = A Phase I, Multicenter, Open-label Study of Oral ABL001 in Patients With CML or Ph+ ALL [Asia, Australia, Europe]
5 ASCEMBL (CABL001A2301) = ABL001 versus bosutinib in CML-CP patients pretreated with ≥2 TKI [Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America]
6 BEST - Bosutinib in Elderly Chronic Myeloid Leukemia [Italy]

3. Therapy optimization trials TOP LINK

1 S1712 = Ruxolitinib Phosphate and Dasatinib or Nilotinib in Treating Patients With Chronic Myeloid Leukemia [USA]
2 OPTIC = Ponatinib in resistant chronic phase CML [Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North- and South America]
3 ASC4MORE (CABL001E2201) = A Phase II Study of ABL001 in Patients With CML-CP without Deep Molecular Response [Asia, Australia, Europe, USA]
4 DasaHIT = Dasatinib Holiday for Improved Tolerability [Germany]
5 ACTIW = Therapies in Combination or Sequentially with TKIs in CML-CP Patients in Complete Cytogenic Remission [France]
6 OPTIC = Ponatinib in resistant chronic phase CML [Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North- and South America]
7 Ruxolitinib for CML with minimal residual disease [USA]

5. Treatment discontinuation trials TOP LINK

1 PonaZero = Effect of Consolidation Treatment with Ponatinib on TFR Rate [Spain]
2 QMH-CML-001 = Cessation of TKI in CML [Hong Kong]
3 DASTOP-2 (CA180-655) = Second treatment stop [Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands]
4 NAUT (CAMN107ADE22T) = Efficacy of nilotinib in inducing persistence of molecular remission after second TKI stop [Europe]
5 ENESTPath Patient's Voice Italian Substudy [Italy]
6 PIO2STOP = Second STOP After Pioglitazone Priming in CML Patients [France]

6. Pediatric trials TOP LINK

1 BCHILD - Bosutinib in Pediatric Patients [Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, UK]
2 CA180-226 = Dasatinib Powder for Oral Suspension Substudy [Mexico, Romania, Spain, USA]

7. Other trials TOP LINK

1 CALLS = CML and ALL Low Level Mutation Study in the UK [UK]
2 TOPASE - Therapeutic Observatory of Ponatinib About Safety and Efficacy [France]
3 CLR_15_03 = Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of K0706 [Asia, Europe, USA]
4 Prospective Registry of Ponatinib in Belgium [Belgium]
5 OMNI = Registry to evaluate vascular occlusive events with Iclusig [US]
6 PONDEROSA [Germany]

9. Trials that are no longer recruiting TOP LINK

1 Matchpoint - Ponatinib and Intensive Chemotherapy [UK]
2 DASFREE (CA180-406) = Discontinuation of dasatinib in CP-CML patients with stable MR4.5
3 TRAD = Treatment-free Remission Accomplished With Dasatinib in Patients With CML [Canada]
4 BOSTRO = CML Treated With Bosutinib After Relapse [Spain]
5 DIALOG (CAMN107A2203) = Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Oral Nilotinib in CML in Children and Adolescents
6 DASPERSE = Dasatinib in chronic phase myeloid leukemia patients with chronic toxicity to imatinib
7 ENESTFreedom = Nilotinib Treatment-free Remission Study in CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia) Patients
8 MSIT = Malaysia Stop Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Trial [Malaysia]
9 CA180-357 = Decitabine + Dasatinib for Blast Phase CML
10 DECLINE (CAMN107ADE18T) = Imatinib versus nilotinib in CML in chronic phase [Germany]
11 PF-114 Dose-finding Study in Ph+ CML Patients Resistant to 2nd Generation TKI or Presenting T315I Mutation [Russia]
12 ENESTop = A clinical research study evaluating the possibility to stop the drug nilotinib in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients who have very small amount of leukemia cells remaining after nilotinib treatment
13 TIGER (CML V) = Nilotinib or nilotinib + peginterferon with the aim to discontinue treatment
14 Pioglitazone and TKI [USA]
15 SIMPLICITY (CA180-330)
16 SPIRIT2 = Comparison of imatinib versus dasatinib in patients with newly-diagnosed chronic phase chronic myeloid leukaemia Scientific title
17 BFORE (AV001) = Bosutinib versus Imatinib in Adult Patients with Newly Diagnosed Chronic Phase Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
18 LAST Stopping Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
19 OPTIC 2L = Ponatinib in resistant chronic phase CML [Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North- and South America]
20 CML-Paed II = Registration of Children with CML and Treatment with Imatinib [Germany]

8. Other haematological trials (not CML) TOP LINK

1 DACOTA = Decitabine with or without Hydroxyurea versus Hydroxyurea in CMML[Europe]

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