• CML Horizons 2020 Travel

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    Arrival and departure dates and times

    Arrival date: Thursday 30th April 2020

    • The official opening session will be on Friday 1st May at 08:00, be on time for this session. 
    • Traveling from the airport to the hotel will take you at least 20 minutes, depending on traffic. A shuttle service from the Airport to the hotel will be arranged (see below for details).

    Departure date: Monday 4th May 2020

    This year because of the distance we are organising a full day tour on Monday 4th May 2020 if you plan to participate your flights should not depart before 21.00 or Tuesday 5th May. You must click “yes” in the registration form if you wish to be part of the tour.


    Please make sure that you have valid travel documents, please visit our page that explains Visas in detail.

     Travel of patient advocates

    Regular advocates and Pharma sponsors are expected to book and cover their own travel to Juan Santamaría International airport  (e.g. flights).

    A limited number of travel grants (scholarships) are available for some advocates who are unable to fund their own travel and the conference fee (see the section on scholarships))

    Transport from the airport to the conference venue will be provided for free.

    After registration, please provide Vanja Muratovic from our logistics agency "Balkan-Adriatic " at email with your travel details so we can arrange your local transport and accommodation accordingly. These details should be provided no later than 1 month before the meeting.

    Travel of Steering Committee members, receivers of scholarships, and speakers

    We will book flights for Steering Committee members, those receiving a travel grant from us, and speakers. Please do not book your own travel in these cases. Please indicate your preferences for departure day and time, which airport, an airline, etc. in the respective fields of the registration form. Also, provide your preferred return day and time. The travel agency will try to book your flights according to your preferences, taking also into account costs as our non-profit organization has a very limited budget. Please do this as soon as possible - and it is important we get the best available rates as soon as possible - they increase every day closer to the conference.

    Here are the contact details for All Tours travel agency:

    Phone Office: +972 4867 0670 .
    For emergencies: Avigail's mobile number +972 504 265 880 or Nimrod's Mobile: +972 504 265 878

    For any of your travel queries please copy Giora Sharf at

    Travel of sponsors representatives 

    Please make note that even though you need to book your own flights, we need your registration with flight details to be able to book your hotel room and arrange your transfers from the airport to the hotel and back.


    Please contact Lidija Pecova Tel: +389 7838 8235 or Giora Sharf should you need assistance or see challenges in attending CML Horizons.




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  • CML Horizons 2020 Venue and Accommodation

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    Venue and Accommodation for CML Horizons 2020

    San José is the capital of Costa Rica and found in the Central Valley.  It has become a modern, cosmopolitan city and is presently home a third of the country’s entire population. Founded in 1738 by Cabildo de Leon, San José was not made the capital until 1823.  

    Today it is a sprawling metropolitan area that encompasses 44.62 sq km (17.2 sq mi) and a population of 365,799 people, which is roughly a third of Costa Rica's total population.  San José is the economic center of Costa Rica, home to a rich culture, historic architecture, and an exciting night life.

    Located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, San José has an average elevation of 1,161 meters above sea level.  Technically it lies in a torrid zone of tropical rainforest, but due to its elevation, it has a mild climate.  Temperatures range from 15 and 30 °C (59 and 86 °F), but it is also very windy so it can be cooler.  

    The rainy season stretches from May to late November, but it isn't atypical for San José to experience rain and cloudiness during the dry season due to its elevation.

    Within the city of San José there is a rich cultural history, including theaters and museums, and many bars and restaurants.  With one block you can find two of Costa Rica's most famous theaters, the Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica and the Teatro Popular Melico Salazar, and a variety of musical performances, acting, and art exhibits.  

    The Gold Museum offers a rare collection of gold pre-Colombian artifacts from Latin American indigenous civilizations. The beautiful Lankester Botanical Garden is also located on the outskirts of the city.

    Conference venue: Crowne Plaza Corobici

    Address: Sabana Norte contiguo al Parque Metropolitano La Sabana, Mata Redonda, San José  2443-100, Costa Rica Tel: 506-2543-6000


    Costa Rica Tour on Monday 

    For those interested, we will be offering an optional full-day tour on Monday. This will not be an official part of the program, and those who will like to join this tour will need to register at the registration website or at the hospitality desk at the hotel.

    For any questions regarding the conference, please contact Lidija Pecova +389 7838 8235 or Giora Sharf



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  • CML Horizons 2020 Visas

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    VISA Information for Costa Rica

    To visit Costa Rica, some countries need a visa and you can check this by clicking on the link below to access the excel document listing all the countries. The document has 5 tabs at the bottom that lists the different groups and types of visas you may need to apply for. Please read this document carefully:

    Costa Rica Visa

    You can find a list of Costa Rican consulates or embassies in the following link:

    Please register as soon as possible so you can start your visa process immediately. If you are from a country that needs a visa please contact Lidija for your supporting documents. Also please take note if your country is not listed in the below list of Costa Rican Consulates and Embassies and you cannot get to a neighboring country you will also need to make contact with Lidija at and she will assist you with your application.

    Please make sure that you have valid travel documents with at least 6 months till the end of your passport expiry date and if you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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  • CML Horizons 2021 Acknowledgements

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    Acknowledgment of Sponsors

    We would like to thank the following sponsors for providing unconditional grants - without their support, this conference would not be possible:

    Novartis Oncology (Initiating platinum sponsor)  novartis
    Bristol-Myers Squibb BMS


     Pfizer new 2021


    Incyte Biosciences International Sàrl


     Incyte 2CPos RGB1
    The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society LLC


    If you want to support the conference, we would be delighted! 





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  • CML Horizons 2021 Call for Abstracts

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    Call for Abstracts CML Horizons 2021 - Virtual


    With COVID-19 having such a profound impact across the world, this year CML Horizons have dedicated a session on this subject, to be held on Friday 22nd October during: Medical Session #1 – titled; Covid 19 impact on CML & Patient groups.

    The presentations should describe how COVID-19 has Impacted your patient organization, the particular challenge(s) that was faced and how your organisation solved them. Other CML patient organisations could learn from your case study and may inspired to do something similar. You should also share what went right and potentially what went wrong and what you would do differently next time. The presentations should NOT be about your organisation as such.

    NEW DEADLINE: Participants are now invited to submit Abstracts for this session until 1st October 2021. The CML Abstract Committee will then review all Abstracts and select those that will be presented during the session.

    What is the format of the session? How am I expected to present?

    Impact on patient organisations case studies will consists of 3 short (maximum 15 minutes, maximum 12 slides) presentations covering a case study as described above. Each of the presentations will be followed by 5 minutes Q&A. The presentations should not be about the organisation but about particular challenge on how COVID-19 has impacted your organisation and how you solved this. 

    How can I submit an Abstract?

    Participants who would like to present in Medical Session #1 – titled; Covid 19 impact on CML & Patient groups are invited to submit a short abstract using the form below. Once you have completed the form, please send it to Lidija Pecova at:

    Download the CMLHZ21 Abstract Application Form.

    What happens after I have submitted the Abstract?

    The CML Horizons Scientific Committee will review the Abstracts and select which ones will be presented during the Medical Session #1 – titled; Covid 19 impact on CML & Patient groups. If your Abstract is not selected, please feel encouraged to send us a digital poster to display in the virtual poster room. Please, visit our "Call for Posters" webpage for more information.

    Participants will be contacted shortly after the 20th September, to give you enough time to prepare your presentation and to book you in to pre-record your presentation.  Please note the number of slides should not exceed 12 slides.

    Your CML Horizons Steering Committee


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  • CML Horizons 2021 Call for Nominations

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     Register here Draft Agenda - Call for Posters Call for Nominations  -  Call for Abstracts - Acknowledgements


    Call for Nominations for the CML Horizons Steering Committee

    At CML Horizons 2019, the community elected its fifth global "CML Horizons Steering Committee", consisting of CML patient advocates from North America, Middle East and Africa, Western Europe, Latin America, Asia & Pacific and Central and Eastern Europe & West Asia regions.

    Our Steering Committee is made up of expert CML Patient Advocates and is intended to serve as a leading team member for the CML community by providing support and help to implement CML Horizons annual meetings, as well as other projects, led by the CML Advocates Network. Know more about it on  "About the Network".

    The current term CML Steering Committee from Middle East & Africa, Western Europe, Asia & Pacific (incl. Australia and New Zealand) and Latin America is coming to an end at "CML Horizons 2022", and hence we would like to ask the community to nominate candidates for the upcoming elections. If you are from these regions, this is your opportunity to become an active and professional CML Patient Advocate and empower yourself as well as your region. If you feel you can contribute, please submit your nomination. 

    The CML Steering Committee consists of one elected representative from each of the six major regions:

    • Asia & Pacific
    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Middle East & Africa
    • Western Europe
    • Central and Eastern Europe & West Asia

    plus, the three CML Advocates Network founders as permanent committee members.

    Deadline for nominations: 1st October 2021

    To nominate a candidate for the election of the "CML Steering Committee 2021-2023", we would like to ask your patient organisation to submit the nomination form by 1st October 2021. If you represent that organisation, you may also nominate yourself and send the completed form to the email:

    The nomination needs to state your motivation and contribution to the committee on behalf of your region, your history and vision as CML advocate, your English language skills, and whether you are willing to commit significant time for teleconferences, meetings and emails to bring the community and conference to the next level.

    Every CML Advocates Network member organisation can nominate only one candidate from their region. If you represent that organisation, you may also nominate yourself. A list of CML Advocates Member organisations can be found on our website:

    For further information, please take a look at the nomination form attached HERE.


    The elections will be held at a predetermined date of the regional meetings leading up to CML Horizons 2021 virtual event which will be held on Friday 22 to Sunday 24 October 2021. All nomination files will be provided to all members during the regional sessions, to give everyone sufficient time to consider their vote. In addition, every candidate will present themselves and will be recorded ahead of time and their video will be placed on the event platform.

    Every member organisation from Middle East & Africa, Western Europe, Asia & Pacific (incl. Australia and New Zealand) and Latin America regions of the CML Advocates Network has one vote per seat at the elections. Even if there are 2 delegates from a specific organisation, they have only one vote. Your current regional leader will be in touch with you and we will explain how the voting will happen during the regional meetings.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lidija Pecova at any time.


    Your current CML Steering Committee:

    Giora Sharf (Israel/co-founder CML Advocates Network)

    Jan Geissler (Germany/co-founder CML Advocates Network)

    Jana Pelouchová (Czech Rep./co-founder CML Advocates Network)

    Šarūnas Narbutas (Lithuania/Central and Eastern Europe & West Asia Representative)

    Lisa Machado (Canada/Region North America Representative)

    Bahija Gouimi (Morocco/Region Middle East & Africa Representative.)

    Felice Bombaci (Italy/Region Western Europe Representative)

    José Castro, (Costa Rica/Region Latin America Representative)

    Rod Padua (Philippines/Asia-Pacific Representative) 


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  • CML Horizons 2021 Call for Posters

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     Register here Draft Agenda - Call for Posters Call for Nominations  -  Call for Abstracts - Acknowledgements


    Call for Posters: CML Advocacy Poster Area at CML Horizons 2021 - Virtual


    What is the CML Advocacy Poster Room?

    The CML Advocacy Poster Room is a separate area on the virtual platform where our participants can feature their digital poster illustrating their CML patient advocacy activities, projects and outcomes for 2020 - 2021. Your poster will be visible by all participants once the platform is launched on 8th October, 2021.

    The aim of the Poster Room is to provide participants with the opportunity to share their key activities and learn from the initiatives and experiences of other CML organisations from around the world in CML advocacy. 

    This is an amazing opportunity to showcase your Organisations’ yearly activity or a special project that made an impact on the CML Community in your country on a worldwide platform and share your activities.

    How can I submit a poster?

    Participants who would like to display a poster in the CML Advocacy Poster Area are invited to create a poster using the template and recommendations below. Participants can use this poster template or can have their own design. Once your digital version has been created, please send it to our Head of Communications and Programme Manager Celia Marín at email:  

    Be creative!

    You can be as creative as you like or you can use our poster guideline and template, we have made for you. You can download this template  HERE.


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  • CML Horizons 2021 Draft Agenda

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     Register here Draft Agenda - Call for Posters Call for Nominations  -  Call for Abstracts - Acknowledgements


    Draft Agenda of CML Horizons 2021 Virtual

    - Medical Agenda Overview - 

    We have included topics of relevance to the CML patient community and hope you will take inspiration from our keynote speakers which for the first time features Prof. Pia Raanani, Dr. Katia Pagnano, Dr. Kendra Sweet and coming back again this year are Prof. Tim Hughes and Prof. Andreas Hochhaus will look at the Impact of COVID-19 on CML & Patient Groups, the future of CML, and optimisation of CML.

    - Advocacy Agenda Overview - 

    By popular request, this year we have included an interactive advocacy session about the challenges CML patients are facing and the CML community will have a say on how this session takes place by completing a questionnaire that is included in the event invitation email.

    Our advocacy sessions will also look into ways to strengthen advocacy efforts through innovation of campaign ideas and new ways of fundraising and an update from the Network.

    Dealing with these types of questions is the essence of Learn. Share & Grow and our conference offers the opportunity to support and facilitate the quality of education.


    To download the draft agenda please click on the image below:

    HZ21 Draft Agenda1

    Faculty: Doctor Katia Pagnano – Professor Andreas Hochhaus – Professor Tim Hughes – Doctor Kendra Sweet – Professor Frédéric Millott – Professor Pia Raanani.


    Overall contact and programme coordination please contact Lidija Pecova, Lisa Machado:  or Giora Sharf: should you need any clarification about the conference programme.




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  • Emerging news regarding CML Horizons 2019

    Emerging news regarding CML Horizons 2019    CML Logotype Nairobi 2019 2

    Dear members and friends of the CML Advocates Network,

    You are probably aware of the terrible attack that took place yesterday by terrorists in the Dusit hotel in Nairobi. 

    These are terrible and sad news indeed. Our thoughts are with the lost innocent victims and their families. We live in a crazy world with crazy people. Terror is taking lives in almost every country and it is so difficult to understand and accept. We must not react rashly, and will not make a decision based on emotion, but rather consider the alternatives and then make a decision.

    The steering committee will now study the facts and the extent of the sad event and will discuss the implications of CML Horizons in Nairobi in May.

    Meanwhile, we are not stopping registration as we already have more than 20 delegates registered, but we are stopping any activity that increases our costs and commitment like we will not book more flights until the Steering committee discusses the issue and makes a decision.

    We are in constant touch with our local member organization, Henzo Kenya, and with our logistics agency Safari Trails to better understand the Situation in Nairobi and all safety steps taken now and in the near future.

    We are evaluating the situation and we will come back to our members with more information and the final decision as soon as possible within 2 weeks.

    We must decide what is best for Horizons and for all our members and delegates. We will put the safety of our participants at the top of our priority.

    It is a sad day.

    With our hopes for a better future
    Giora and all the CML Advocates Network steering committee members.




  • EuroBloodNet European Reference Network starts with the hematology European Patient Advocacy Group (ePAG) - and CML Advocates Network is in!

    16195573 10211424380112654 8335182591519517615 n24 European Reference Networks, based on an initiative of the European Commission and EU Member States, are networks of healthcare professionals, centres of expertise and patient organisations aimed at improving quality, safety, and access to highly specialised healthcare in Europe.

    The EuroBloodNet European Reference Network,  covering rare haematological diseases,  has kicked off on 27 January 2017 in Paris with 66 partner organisations from 15 countries. The Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation, CML Advocates Network and CLLAdvocates Network are deeply involved in EuroBloodNet to make sure it delivers to patients' needs.

  • IMI Project "HARMONY - Big Data for Better Health Outcomes" launched, CML Advocates Network involved in coordinating patient community input

    EHA Logo HARMONY Programme def MAY2016

    The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) has approved HARMONY, a 5-year project that aims to foster better access and care for patients with various hematologic malignancies (HM) with the use of big data. The project is made up of 51 partners from 11 European countries, including 7 pharmaceutical companies.

    We are very excited that CML Advocates Network will be contributing to this unique project. Jan Geissler is the Work Package leader that will be coordinating HARMONY's Stakeholder Forum and patient input of the haematology patient community into this project. The project will kick-off on 16 January 2017 in Salamanca, Spain.

  • Important Notice: Changes to the CML Horizons 2019 Conference

    Important Notice: Changes to the CML Horizons 2019 Conference                                               CML Logotype Nairobi 2019 2       

    Dear Members & friends of CML Advocates Network,

    This is a very important announcement and follows up from our notice a few weeks ago named "emerging news regarding CML Horizons 2019" following the tragic events that took place in Nairobi, Kenya.

    After careful consideration, discussions and investigation the CML Steering committee has decided that at this point of time it is better for the safety of our members to change the location of CML Horizons 2019 and at such short notice we will need to come back to mainland Europe. Horizons will now be held in Lisbon, Portugal at the Lisbon Marriott Hotel, Avenida dos Combatentes 45, Lisbon 1600-042 Portugal and the dates still remain the same 17-19 May 2019.

    This does not mean that in future years we will not take Horizons to another continent and we will work hard to try and make this happen for 2020 and we will keep you updated.

    What does this change of location mean for all our members? We will need you to start registration ASAP and depending on the country you come from if you need a Schengen Visa this process can take 6-9 weeks so we need you to take the following steps.

    Step 1: Register for CML Horizons 2019 here:

    Step 2: At the following link is a list of the nationalities that must process a Visa:

    Step 3: Once you have registered, we will be in contact with you in regards to support documents for your visa application.

    For those members who have already registered: Vanja and Lidija will be in touch with you soon and there is NO NEED to re-register. For those who need a VISA we will need to send you new documents for a Schengen Visa to Portugal and new flight itinerary.

    Finally, please note that this decision did not come easy and does not take away from why we had chosen Nairobi as our original destination and that is to honour our dearly departed Ferdinand Micho who was the leader in the fight of CML in Africa and the Middle East but also for the challenges that CML patients face in law and middle-income countries in access to treatment and monitoring.

    We look forward to seeing you all soon and please should you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Warm Regards

    Giora and Lidija on behalf of the CML Advocates Steering Committee
    CML Advocates Network


  • Palestine: CML Palestine

    Contact address:

    Mailing/Postal Address:

    Al Adel Street, Awqaf building , First Floor, Palestine


    Telephone: +970599205019



    Key contacts:

    Jamal Hurani - Founder & Chairman

    Brief description of organization:

    CMl palestine was established for the purpose of serving the CML patients and to raise the knowledge about CML within the community.

    The organization was registered recently and in the process of preparing initiatives

    Organizational objectives and key programs:

    The main objectives are:

    • Providing help and advice for CML patients
    • Distributing knowledge about CML
    • Help in regards to drugs and lab tests provisions for patients
    • Coordination with CML societies localy and internationaly
    • Lobbying for the improvement of legislative environment regarding CML treatments




  • Senegal: A.G.I.L.

    Contact address:

    Hopital Aristide Le Dantec , 20 Avenue Pasteur .Dakar, SENEGAL
    SENEGAL None

    Telephone: +22177454566


    Facebook: AGIL du Sénégal

    Key contacts:

    Phone: +221776454566

    Phone: +221778017158

    Brief description of organization:

    AGIL du SENEGAL was created in 2016 with the support of our physician. The first objective was to permit patients to express themselves through group therapy. Now, with more than 100 members, we want to facilitate access to the treatment especially the PCR Test.


    The patient's leukemia and their families.

    Ways of communication with constituency

    Particularly the meeting with the physician the patients and their families.

    Organizational objectives and key programs:

    Our organizational objectives are:

    • Bring together all leukemia and gist patients from SENEGAL.
    • Receive government assistance for prescribed treatment.
    • Financial and psychological support for leukemia patients.
    •  Promote brotherhood between leukemia patients.
    • Educate the population about Leukemia.

    Our key programs are:

    • Educate the population about Leukemia.
    • Financially and psychological support to the LMC patients.
    • Provide our Clinic with a GENE XPERT.
    • Affiliate our association with the organization fighting cancer in SENEGAL for better visibility.
    • Make free the PCR Test for all Patients LMC.

    Board of Directors:


    Year of establishment:


    Year of becoming a CML Member:



    51 - 100

  • Sincere condolences to Kazakhstan CML community



    Our hearts go out to Kazakhstan and members of the Association of Patients with Hemoblastoses and especially to the family of Lyubov Mizinova who has passed away this month.

    We have lost a dear friend and valued patient advocate.

    Lyubov Mizinova was the President of the long-running organisation in Kazakhstan and our member for many years.

    She was a commendable CML advocate who was active in both Kazakhstan and part of the CML Advocates Network many years.

    We all are very proud of every single CML patient advocate who dedicates time, resources, skills and love to the CML community worldwide.

    We will all miss Lyubov very much and her loss will be felt by the CML community.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs Mizinova's family at this time.

    picture Ljubov MizinovaMizinova2 

  • The CML Clinical Trials data-base now lists 51 studies worldwide

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    screenshot ctrials

    The CML Advocates Network inofficial registry on clinical trials currently lists 51 studies:  


    • 28 CML studies currently recruiting patients
    • 1 non-CML study also in the recruiting phase
    • 22 studies that are no longer recruiting.



    Check here CML Trials Registry 




  • The CML Clinical Trials data-base now lists 54 studies worldwide

    clinicaltrial 2 low.jpg.001 

    Our clinical trials registry currently lists 54 studies:

    • 32 CML studies actively recruiting patients, including
    • 2 paediatric trials
    • 7 treatment-free remission trials
    • 20 studies that are no longer recruiting


    Check here CML Trials Registry 


  • Treatment-free remission in chronic myeloid leukemia


    Stopping Treatment in CML has now become a standard care with the publication of the NCCN and ESMO guidelines which include stopping treatment outside the context of clinical trials. The ELN recommendations are expected in few months and will relate to this hot topic as well.

    At the same time, there are many questions patients have about the process.

    In the following video Giora Sharf, the co-founder of CML Advocates Network and a CML patient on TFR for 3.5 years, interviews one of the world CML experts Prof. Giuseppe Saglio from University of Turin Italy, trying to answer some of the concerns CML patients have when thinking about stopping treatment. For example:


    What is treatment-free remission concept?

    What is the longer period of time that a patient has been on TFR?

    Who are the patients eligible for TFR?

    How many patients have to restart the treatment after TFR and when?

    How can the psychological aspects on TFR be overcome?

    What is the standard of monitoring a patient on TFR?

    To watch to video click here:


  • Welcome, Philadelphia LMC, Algeria! Now 115 patient organisations from 86 countries in the CML Advocates Network

    We are proud to welcome a new member organisation to the CML Advocates Network: Philadelphia LMC based in Algeria. The CML Advocates Network now totals at 115 member organisations in 86 countries worldwide! See the list of CML groups in the Network on our world map.



  • World CML Day 2017 Photo Gallery





    On 22 September 2017, the worldwide CML community again celebrates World CML Day under the motto

    "Today, Together". Today, together we are treated. Tomorrow we need cure!


    On this page we are publishing photos of World CML Day 2017 events submitted by members of the CML Advocates Network across all continents.





                                          THIS IS WORLD CML DAY 2017 PHOTO GALLERY


    World CML Day 2017
    Don´t forget to submit photos of YOUR event!

    For this, please send an e-mail to Celia Marín at If the pictures you are sending exceed the maximum quota allowed, we suggest to use

    Thank you in advance for sharing your photos!

    Enjoy #TodayTogether #WCMLDay17!









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