chronic myeloid leukemia

  • World CML Day 2018

    WCMLD 2013 0922


    2018 World CML Day


    "Today, Together.

      Improving access."


    “We see people dying of CML even though it's a well-understood, biologically well-understood, a well-treatable disease with five different therapies on the market.  But if you can't access testing, if you can't access the drugs, people are still dying from the disease. And so access is a big issue.  It's probably the biggest barrier that we have.”

    - Jan Geissler. Co-founder of the CML Advocates Network –


    Every year in 22nd September the CML global community lead by the CML patient Advocates holds the World CML Day. In 2017 more than 60 CML patient associations, members of the CML Advocates Network, support the awareness campaign “Today, together” and celebrate their courage and achievements! World CML Day 2017 Report

    Know more about what we are planning for the World CML Day 2018 and be ready to be part of the worldwide awareness with "Today, together. Improving access." 

  • World CML Day 2020: Today, together, more than ever. For a life without CML




    Every 22nd September, the CML Advocates Network leads the World CML Day global awareness campaign. On this day, chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients across the globe come together to raise awareness about our needs to the general public, politicians, and medical professionals across the world.

    Today, together, more than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CML patient advocates need to connect as a worldwide community through digital tools by developing online activities.

    Two months ahead of 22nd September, today we launch the World CML Day campaign, encouraging CML patients and patient organisations, health care providers, collaborators and all CML friends to join the global movement under a powerful motto:


    "Today, together, more than ever. For a life without CML"

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