The European Cancer Patient's Bill of Rights launched with CML Advocates Network's support on World Cancer Day

ECC-bill-of-rights-signatureOn 4 February 2014, marked World Cancer Day 2014, a group of Europan patient advocacy organisations, healthcare leaders and Members of the European Parliament against Cancer (MAC) came together to launch the European Cancer Patient’s Bill of Rights in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The CML Advocates Network, being one of the ECC Partners that was deeply involved in the drafting, welcomed the launch of the Cancer Patient's Bill of Rights, which is the result of over two years of work. It is a call to action to address the significant disparities that exist for European cancer patients today, and a call for more patient involvement and empowerment.

The Bill of Rights has just been published in "The Oncologist" and "The Lancet". The Bill of Rights is available in English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Slovenian on its official website. Some photos taken at the launch meeting in the European Parliament, which was attended by the EU Commissioner for Health Tonio Borg as well as by members of the European parliament and the former French minister of Health, are also available, as is Jan Geissler's presentation during the launch meeting - with the "Faces of CML" included.

Three patient-centred key principles underpin the Bill of Rights:

  1. the right of every European citizen to receive accurate information and be involved in their own care;
  2. the right of every European citizen to access specialised cancer care underpinned by research and innovation and
  3. the right of every European citizen to cost effective health systems that ensure optimal cancer outcomes.

and it specifically highlights the role of patient advocacy organisations in cancer care. The European Cancer Concord is a patient-centered initiative, born out of the need to deliver an optimal standard of cancer care and research  for Europe's citizens. To date, over 20 pan-European cancer Patient Advocacy Organizations including the CML Advocates Network have become active partners. Even though this is a specific European activity, we thought you as CML Advocates Network members might be interested in this Bill of Rights which might be referenced or used in other regions as an advocacy tool as well.


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