Faces of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: Perspectives from all across the world

The CML Advocates Network and its members are asking patients across the world to submit photos from their advocacy work and from patients across the world. The photos demonstrate different faces that CML has: old and young, men and women, in different countries and from different cultures, engaging in campaigns and initiatives. So far, the following photos were submitted:

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Give CML a face - submit a photo now

Please give CML a face by submitting photos! Encourage as many patients as you can provide us with a photo that illustrates CML in some way! The photos will be displayed on this website and will give campaigns of CML organisations across the world a lively face what CML means to you!


Ferdinand Micho Community Builder Avatar   21.08.2011 (12:29:09)
Victorious faces Yes No Beautiful smiles, lets keep smiling.
Pat Elliott Community Builder Avatar   02.09.2011 (06:25:47)
Wonderful to see! Yes No So many different, smiling faces from so many different places, yet we all have so much in common. It's wonderful to celebrate CML Awareness Day with all of you!
Maco Palma Community Builder Avatar   06.09.2011 (07:03:35)
Agradecimiento. Yes No Agradezco a DIOS por darme nuevamente la oportunidad de ser una persona diferente aun con LMC porque hoy si puedo decir que soy feliz,

que DIOS bendiga a mis hermanos con
Ros Fedorov Community Builder Avatar   16.09.2011 (18:38:50)
Great! Wonderful people! Yes No History Skip (Canada) will be interesting and useful to us.
'34 With CML!
Skip please tell us about your life ... :-)
cahit Community Builder Avatar   14.08.2013 (06:40:55)
History Skip (Canada) Yes No

Hannah Bracegirdle Community Builder Avatar   22.09.2011 (20:19:22)
CML Yes No I was diagnosed with CML four years ago this october, I was pregnant with my third child. Since then I have been on 400mg of Glivec and still going strong, Praise God, my thoughts and prayers are with the people who are not as fortunate as most cmlers and are not responding well to any of the treatments x x

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