What is the CML Advocates Network?

The CML Advocates Network is a worldwide network specifically for patient groups supporting patients Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)  and their relatives. It is an online organisation set-up and run by CML patients and carers who are leaders of patient groups.

The central idea behind the CML Advocates Network was initiated in 2005 during the 4th International "New Horizons in Cancer" conference in Dublin for CML & GIST patient advocacy groups. The conference, which was initiated and is funded by Novartis, has become a key networking event for CML and GIST patient group advocates around the world. Presentations by expert clinicians, medical professionals and patient group organisers enable the sharing of the most up to date clinical information, of best practice in patient advocacy as well as hands-on experience, e.g. and on how to run a patient group. The conference is increasingly of major importance in building a global patient advocacy network.

The CML Advocates Network was also set up to keep the international networking going after our annual meetings, which in the past has proven to be difficult, mainly due to geographical distances between the participants.

This website was set up by four patient groups utilizing an unrestricted grant from Novartis to be able to pay for the IT set-up, and is now run independently by CML patients. Our aim is to facilitate and support best practice sharing between patient group organisers across the world. The site features a contantly updated address list of all CML patient support groups. For support group organisers and patient advocates, it features a restricted, member-only discussion forum and advocacy knowledge base.

We welcome members from all CML patient group organisations throughout the world to become part of the CML Advocates Network!

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