International CML Awareness Day on 22 Sept coming up: what are your plans?

cmlfaces-thumbnail2cmlawday229_100px9/22 represents the genetic change of Chromosomes 9 and 22 that causes Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML). This September 22 (9/22), patient organisations across the world will unite to raise awareness of the needs of patients living with CML.

What can my organisation and my patients do
to participate in International CML Awareness Day?

Share your activity on CML Awareness Day!

Many CML patient organisations will run Initiatives on CML Awareness Day 2012. Let us know by email what you're planning, and we will be happy to list your initiative there. Be inspired what organisations did last year on 9/22!

Give CML a face - submit a photo about CML!


The CML Advocates Network is asking patients across the world to submit photos. The photos will demonstrate different faces that CML has: old and young, men and women, in different countries and from different cultures.

Please give CML a face! Encourage many patients to provide us with a photo before CML Awareness Day! It will be displayed on the CML Advocates Network website and can be used by CML organisations across the world to give CML a lively face!

Sign the proclamation to declare 22 September (9/22) International CML Awareness Day

signatureWe, as representatives of the global community of patient advocacy groups supporting people living with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML), do collectively call upon all those responsible for the wellbeing of CML patients to adhere to  and build upon the basic standards laid out in the 'Baveno CML Declaration'

To speak with a united voice, the CML community wishes to proclaim SEPTEMBER 22 as the annual International CML Awareness Day and encourage patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, government and industry, as well as the wider community, to join with us as we work together to raise awareness about chronic myeloid leukemia and the need for timely access to diagnosis, treatment and care.

Please sign the proclamation here to give your support to acknowledge World CML Awareness Day!

Organize an initiative of your patient group on September 22

Some easy ideas

  • Send a press release to the media on the day before CML Awareness Day, illustrating the challenges of CML patients in your country
  • Display posters, images or other awareness raising media such as balloons
  • Distribute flyers about CML and about patients suffering from leukemia
  • Organise CML events around topics paramount to patients
  • Coordinate letters or email campaigns to local policy or national policy decision makers about CML and rare cancers
  • Arrange to meet with local and national authorities on CML Awareness Day

    With a bit more planning:

    • Award your fellow patient advocates on their greatest achievements as CML patients
    • Organise interviews with the media
    • Organise a fund-raising event
    • Invite a VIP of your country to endorse the CML Awareness Day
    • Organise a visit to a leukemia research lab by a member of your parliament or government

    Let us know your initiative that you are planning for CML Awareness Day on 22/9 by writing in the forum or sending us an email! You could also provide us with an article which we can publish on the public website of CML Advocates Network! Or send us a link to a report and we will announce it on Twitter!

    Provide a video to the CML Awareness Day video (Deadline passed)

    The French CML Group "LMC France" invites all representatives of CML organisations to contribute to a film, showing the unity of our patient organizations throughout the word in honour of the occasion of a International CML Awareness Day on September 22 (9/22). This film will be broadcasted on September 22 in France, used at various and respective events, and potentially also shown at the "ESH" hematologist meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, on September 22.

    LMC France would like the head of each patient associations to film herself / himself saying the following sentence: "My name is (...), I am a CML survivor or advocate. On CML Awareness day of 22 Sept, my organisation ( name...) wishes all CML patients around the world health and strength". This will demonstrate the unity of our organizations all around the world.
    A video with all submissions will be produced by LMC France.


    Your CML Advocates Network team: Jana, Giora, Jan, Pat, Zhengchen Liu, Anita, Euzebiusz, Bahija.

    vinayak nerlikar Community Builder Avatar   17.08.2011 (17:54:09)
    cmlday Yes No 9/22, It also amounts to sun being on the equater. A balanced state for the sun for earth. doesn't make it us unique people.
    kate Sanders-Tye Community Builder Avatar   11.09.2011 (13:46:03)
    CML Awareness Day Yes No We should definitely have days to be aware of what others have to go through just to stay alive!!
    OUEDRAOGO Tegawende Apolinaire Wenceslas Community Builder Avatar   16.09.2011 (14:19:56)
    pour l\'appui aux personne Yes No je compati à la douleur des malade de la leucémie et je suis très contant de participé à cette lutte.
    ouedraogo Bere Kiswend Sida Gisele Community Builder Avatar   16.09.2011 (14:24:40)
    appui aux personne Yes No je viens par la présente donné mon soutient.

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