iCMLf Forum 2016 Webstreams now available

iCMLf Forum 2016 Podium

At the annual ASH congress, the iCMLf, in collaboration with The Max Foundation, holds its annual "iCMLf Forum for Physicians from Emerging Regions". Presenters give the local emerging regions perspectives on each topic, followed by iCMLf experts from western countries and a discussion with the audience. The Forum was opened with a keynote from Dr. Brian Druker on meeting the new challenges in CML therapy. Then, Professor Tapan Saikia from India and Professor Andreas Hochhaus from Germany covered the challenges of CML frontline therapy. Afterwards Dr Anthony Oyekunle from Botswana and Dr Delphine Réa from France covered the issue of comorbidities when managing CML. The webstreams are now available.

Click on the presentations below to view the webstreams and see the slides.



Brian Druker:
Keynote: Meeting the new challenges in CML therapy 

Topics and questions raised include; current state of CML, challenges for patients on long-term therapy, How can we move from control to cure? Do we need to eradicate stem cells? Can the immune system control CML? challenges for clinical trials.


Tapan Saikia (India):
Frontline therapy challenges:
High-risk chronic myeloid leukemia: An emerging country's perspective

Topics include; high-risk CML cases, current treatment for high-risk CML in chronic phase: Indian scenarios, availability of TKI's for CML in India, possibilities of using TKI's in high risk CML in India, challenges in managing high-risk patients. 


Andreas Hochhaus (Germany):
Frontline therapy challenges

Topics include; challenge 1: initial therapy, challenge 2: additional therapy to avoid adverse events, challenge 3: prognostic score, challenge 4: unfavourable bone marrow data, challenge 5: choice of initial therapy, case studies on tests to start TKI and follow-up. 


Q&A Session 1: Frontline therapy challenges                               


Anthony Oyekunle (Botswana):
Comorbities when managing CML with TKI's:
An emerging country's perspective 

Topics include; managing CML with TKI's, the case for comorbities, What is the impact of comorbidities on overall survival in CML? key outcomes from various studies, conclusion.


Delphine Rea (France):
Managing CML patients with comorbidities

Topics include; prevalence of comorbidities among CML patients, impact of comorbidities on 1st line imatinib efficacy in CP-CML, impact of comorbidities on overall survival after 1st line imatinib treatment in CP-CML, results from the DASISION and ENESTnd trials, discussion on comorbidities may guide TKI choice in the first line seeting, conclusion. 


Q&A Session 2: Comorbidities when managing CML